Heroes Make Johnson County a Great Community

Unsung Heroes

There is a lot of good in Johnson County. Our schools, libraries, parks, cultural diversity and community. Those things don't happen without the vision and hard work of unsung heroes who fight the good fight and overcome odds. On this episode of the JoCoLibrary Uncovered podcast, Andrew Gustafson—Curator of Interpretation, Johnson County Museum, Arts and Heritage Center—presents the fascinating stories of three individuals who truly helped make this little corner of the world that we call home, better.

A man and a woman consider their shadows that shows them with super hero capes and Text reading Unsung Heroes, the JoCoLibrary Uncovered logo which has an old fashioned microphone

Learn about the contributions from:

  • John Barkley 
  • Corinthian Nutter 
  • Erik Erazo 

Their stories are intriguing, and yet, they are Unsung Heroes!

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