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Individuals faced with temporary detention at the Adult Residential Center (ARC) in New Century, KS, rely on access to Johnson County Library materials on their road to recovery. Incarcerated Services Librarian Melody Kinammon introduces us to members of the ARC therapeutic community, Phil and Dia. They share how exploring books and using the on-site library has helped them.

Also, Youth Services Librarian Jayma Zook shares her experience with Read to Me—incarcerated parents are recorded reading aloud and the Library provides a copy of the recording and the book to their child.

It’s all part of what we call: “Outreach Services.” We uncover programs, stories and services you might not have known about. 

Our recommendations:      
Charles’ Choice: Night of the Ninth Dragon by Mary Pope Osborn (from the Magic Treehouse Series)       
Dave’s Double feature: streaming video from Kanopy. Language and Literacy Development and Father and Daughter.      
Melody: Literature for Justice reading list with a variety of titles—nonfiction and fiction—that address the United States criminal justice system.   This is a list she’s always updating!      
Jayma: The Daddy Book and The Mommy Book. She says both are very popular with the Read to Me crowd, but one that comes to mind that talks specifically about incarceration is Missing Daddy by Mariame Kaba.  It has a discussion guide at the end to help facilitate a discussion with kids about this hard topic.      
Books mentioned in the episode: JoCoLibrary Uncovered - Incarcerated Booklist

Exterior of Johnson County Adult Residential Center


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