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Did you hear about our writing contests?

Reference Librarian Helen Hokanson says:

"Oh, the writing contests are GREAT!"

Are they? Are they "really" great? And if the Writing Contests are really great, just how great is "really" great? We ask the hard hitting questions in this investigative episode of Did you hear? We get answers! Can you handle the truth?

Did you hear about our exhibitions?

We get so thrilled about our art exhibitions at many of our locations. But when one of those artists—especially one that is as interesting and talented as Sterling Witt—is coming for a Meet the Artist visit, we get downright elated! Listen to the latest episode of Did you hear? We talk exhibitions, Sterling, and ... Love? 

Meet the Artist: Sterling Witt
Wednesday, July 18
Lackman Library

Did you hear that storyteller Priscilla Howe is coming?

In this episode of Did you hear?, Youth Services Librarian Dennis Ross talks about his favorite storyteller, Priscilla Howe who will be visiting Wednesday, July 18 at two of our locations!

Did you hear Dreamgirl1?

Did you hear about our partnership with the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center? We're hosting some pretty amazing local live music for you this summer! Check out our calendar chock-full of great acts! Did you miss our first featured artist Dreamgirl1? No worries! You can listen to the full performance in this podcast episode. And, don't miss our second performance in the series: Olathe-based hip-hop artist Duncan Burnett this Friday! But, if you can't make it for some reason, we've got your back. We'll post an audio recording on Did you hear?    

Did you hear about our live performance series?

Did you hear? is our new podcast. In this episode, Arts Librarian Bryan Voell talks about our partnership with the Arts & Heritage Center and our live local music performance series. 

Be sure to catch Olathe-based hip-hop artist Duncan Burnett this Friday!

Did you hear? Our new podcast!

Welcome to the Johnson County Library Podcast! "Did you hear?" is where you'll find all things audio that we produce here at the Library. That might be Librarians talking about upcoming events, guest speakers, interviews with your favorite authors, or live local music recorded at one of our branches. Our first episode is some great live music from BLACK STACEY. Here are three songs recorded at the Leawood Pioneer Library!

Black Stacey

  1. Electric Woman
  2. Happy Music
  3. Change a Thing