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Connect with National Library Week

National Library week is happening now! It began Sunday, April 3 and the celebration continues until Saturday, April 9. How can you join this jubilee? The Friends of Johnson County Library are taking over JoCoLibrary on Facebook on Friday, April 8! 

Also, what better way to acknowledge National Library Week than to make a major announcement?

Senia and Will Shields invite you to the newly-renovated Central Resource Library for 2022 Library Lets Loose, on Saturday, September 17! It’s Johnson County Library Foundation’s signature fundraising event and the Shields are this year’s honorary hosts. It will be an evening filled with music, food and libations, all benefiting lifelong learning programs at Johnson County Libraries.

Senia and Will Shields

Will played fourteen years for the Kansas City Chiefs and received many accolades, including the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award and induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. “Once you become a lover of reading and a lover of books you understand the important role libraries play in our lives,” Shields stated. “Our libraries are constantly creating new opportunities for patrons.”

The Shields' have made countless contributions throughout the Kansas City community for more than 25 years, including formation of the Will to Succeed Foundation in 1993. Senia says, “Literacy has been an important part of our work and we love the library resources. They open up new opportunities and are paramount for operating successfully in our world.”

After two years of celebrating virtually, the Shields are excited to invite the community back for this special event! For more information and to register for Library Lets Loose visit


2022 Did you hear? Podcast

Quite simply, the Did you hear? Podcast is your Library insider. It's a fun way to share our passion for what we do. It pulls back the curtain to reveal how we do it. It shines a light on services, events and our collection to illuminate how the Library can help you be your best. 


How? Visit one of these popular podcatchers:

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Or, wherever you regularly listen to podcasts, you can find us by entering "jocolibrary" into the search bar. You'll find "Did you hear?" Then click subscribe.

Too complicated? No worries. You can find all of our podcast episodes listed at Click and listen. It's that easy!


The new season began Friday, April 1. We have 10 great 30 minute episodes planned for you!

April - Silver and Gold
We asked the same 10 questions of an employee who just began her career at Johnson County Library and of an employee counting down the days until retirement. Their answers may surprise you!

May - Mesmerizing Memes and More
These days you can't just put up a website and call it good. You have to have a "web presence." Go to where the people are online instead of expecting them to come to you. What's the behind-the-scenes story when it comes to philosophy, strategy and creating social media content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube?    

June - Summer Reading
Summer Reading 2022: Oceans of Possibilities, runs Saturday, June 4-Friday, July 29. Grab a reading log for your favorite kiddo! We dive deep (see what we did there?) into this Aquatic episode.

July - Make-along
Our friends from the MakerSpace lead us through a hands-on activity. Charles and Dave will make something great and you the listener can make-along as well!

August - Back to school
With educational resources like those we offer, your child has a real advantage. We explore everything you maybe didn't know the Library had to offer to prepare your child for the coming school year. 

September - Library Lowdown Quiz Showdown
We love radio programs like “Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!” We also live for getting to know everything there is to know about Johnson County Library! What do you know? What do we know? Get ready for a variety of Library games. We’ll play some live and patrons will also have their chance to play along.

October - JoCo on the Go
Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Johnson County Government, Theresa Freed, drops by to share her experiences as host of the JoCo on the Go Podcast

November - Kaleidoscope of Sound
Get ready for an auditory exploration of sounds from the Library!

December - The life cycle of a book
In this three-part series, we follow a book from its author's inception to when it is weeded from our collection. December's episode will focus on a book Before the Library. January we will explore what happens once a book has Arrived at the Library and February we will find out what the book's Post Library life looks like.



This Week at the Library

This week at the Library, you can join us at:

Library OnDemand Available anytime you like.

Your doorway into live and archived programs. Arts & Culture, Career & Finance, Community Matters, Writers and more!

Caregiver Workshop: Power of Play in STEM Exploration with Museum at Prairiefire – Tuesday, Apr. 5, 7-8 p.m.

Whether it's finding activities to keep them busy or understanding what's going on inside their heads, being a caregiver of young children can be challenging. Each month's caregiver workshop explores a different topic to support and enrich relationships between kids age birth to 6 and their caregivers.

Facebook Live Book Party – Wednesday, Apr. 6, noon -12:30 p.m.

Facebook Live Book Parties are live events where a library staff members will booktalk a short list of titles around a certain genre or theme and staff will interact with patrons in real time. This Book Party will be held on Facebook live. Visit JoCoLibrary on Facebook and be sure to ‘follow’ us to get notifications when we go Live if you have a Facebook account. You do not need a Facebook account to watch our Book Party.

Which Senior Housing Option is Right for You? – Saturday, Apr. 9, 10 a.m.- noon

While many of us would like to "age-in-place" in our own homes, for most of us, this isn’t a realistic option. We need to develop a "Plan B." As you explore various retirement communities, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the many options and providers available. Navigate through this maze of options in a unique, two-part program developed by The Education Group, an organization of retired seniors who have lived the experience, studied the industry, and want to share what they have learned. You will learn the lingo, the pros and cons of various options, what to look for in a community, and questions you need to ask. The presenters will share information that you won't hear at a community's sales presentation. They'll explain why delaying a move may not be in your best interest, how some facilities enable you to extend the time you're able to safely live independently, and the costs of the various options.

  And much more happening this week »


Change or Growth? YOU DECIDE!

They say April showers bring May flowers. For Johnson County Library, the new month brings change. Big change! We're making a number of improvements:

  • Branch-to-Branch Monorail Coming Soon
    What can we say? We got a good deal from Disney on used stuff. Is the Teacup ride next? One can only hope!  
  • New Genre! Neverending Stories
    Literally. You only have to check out a neverending story once. Don’t worry about returning—or reading anything else—ever.
  • Library Blimp Permanently Grounded
    Well, it was fun while it lasted. The Library blimp is no more. In hindsight, a simple bookmobile would’ve been great, but we went big. According to County Librarian Sean Casserley, “It turns out, a blimp just isn’t a very efficient way to deliver books to the neighborhood children.”
  • New format: Introducing Our “Imagination Series” books
    These novels are word-free and picture-free to allow you to take control of the story! Don’t let some author or illustrator decide what your tale should be! We know you'll love these blank pages. Come up with your own story today! Imagine the possibilities. 

We hope these changes excite you. However, none of this is written in stone. We VALUE your opinion!!! What do you think about these growth opportunities? Share your opinion in this survey.


Getting Started in the MakerSpace! 🛠️

The newly reopened Black & Veatch MakerSpace recently added online tutorials for almost all reservable equipment!

Now you can learn the fundamentals of laser cutting, 3d printing and more at your own leisure on your web connected device:

Thanks to Black & Veatch's renewed support, the MakerSpace is still completely free to use and open to patrons across the metro and beyond. 

As always our MakerSpace staff can help assist you with learning to use this new equipment and software in-person. If you have any questions about your specific project, you can reach the makers directly at the contact form on the website


New Title Tuesday

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of #NewTitleTuesday, where we look at a new release that hits the shelves of bookstores (and your local libraries!) today.

Camilla Sten, the Swedish author responsible for 2019's sleeper hit The Lost Village and the daughter of best-selling Swedish crime novelist Viveca Sten, returns with a new novel that has serious breakout potential. The Resting Place focuses on Eleanor, a young woman who suffers from prosopagnosia, a real condition that prevents people from recognizing facial features. Hair, nose, eyes, lips - they're all a blur. Eleanor's been living with her grandmother, Vivianne, who is murdered right in front of Eleanor - but of course, because of her condition, Eleanor cannot recognize the culprit and cannot help the police. Eleanor inherits her grandmother's large country house, and she soon moves in, looking for clues from her grandmother's childhood that might provide some answers to her murder. She brings along her long-time boyfriend, an estate lawyer, and a lurking aunt, among some others. At the country estate, a secret diary is found, the power goes out, and a blizzard cuts off the grounds from the outside world. Plot threads intertwine to a powerful and dramatic conclusion. 

The novel starts off at a steady pace, and then quickens as Eleanor arrives at the country house and then reaches a feverish crescendo at the end, with stunning reveals on every page. The Resting Place lies between two genres that share similar DNA - one is the psychological thriller that relies on shocking crimes, buried secrets, and plot twists hiding behind every page. The other, the gothic thriller, relies heavily on a menacing, brooding atmosphere, with looming ancestral homes and dark family secrets passed down from one generation to another. The Resting Place deftly balances between the two, and alongside the success of her previous novel, this has the potential to be a crossover hit. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to place your holds now!