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Maintain Your Ride

DIY bike maintenance made simple! Learn to keep your bike in tip-top shape with this free virtual class from Johnson County Library and BikeWalkKC, focused on basic tools and practical know-how.

Maintain Your Ride | Thursday, July 15, 12pm. Register now »



Call for Art Submissions

Johnson County Library is looking for visual artists and artwork of all types to exhibit their work in one of Johnson County Library’s branch art galleries. If you are at least 18 and are interested in showing your art at Johnson County Library, apply via Submittable.


Annual Bookmark Contest

Post-it note? Your napping kitty's tail? Folded corner (gasp!)? None of those are nearly as cool as having a bookmark with your very own artwork on it. Enter your bookmark art in the 2021 Friends Annual Bookmark Design Contest Honoring National Friends of Libraries Week, Oct. 17-23, and you could see your lovely design on bookmarks available at all of our Library locations.

Tell Us your story about family, books, and learning
Show Us what you love about your Library
Draw Us into your colorful Library world

From preschoolers to adults, there are different age categories each with its own winner.

SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN July 6 – Sept. 10, 2021

For the first time, we’re accepting electronic submissions to the contest! Look for “2021 FRIENDS ANNUAL BOOKMARK DESIGN CONTEST” to submit your entry. 

Print out your entry form (PDF) and start creating! 

The winning illustrations will be revealed Sept. 20. The winning bookmarks will be printed and distributed throughout the remainder of the year at all 14 branches of the Johnson County Library and three Friends Bookstores.


Discover Library OnDemand

We're pleased to introduce Library OnDemand -- your destination for Johnson County Library’s virtual events! Here you can browse and register for upcoming programs and events, as well as view past recordings in categories like Arts & Culture, Career & Personal Finance, Writers, Community Matters, and special content including the Antioch Library Replacement Project.

Arts & Culture
Designed to foster creatives and cultural workers of all types in our community, Arts & Culture features and celebrates local creativity and research in the Library's physical and digital spaces. It also promotes collaborations and partnerships between the Library and organizations that support the mission of the Library.

Career & Personal Finance
The Library is committed to continuing to support the career- and finance-related needs of our community members. Programs cover topics ranging from resumes and networking to budgeting and investing.

Featuring helpful programs and resources to support and celebrate local authors.

Community Matters
Providing resources and events for community problem-solving and local politics.

Library OnDemand makes it easy to discover, watch and engage in upcoming and past programs and events so you don’t miss a thing. Visit Library OnDemand and get started today.




Walk and Read at a Park Near You!

Enjoy favorite kids books while taking a stroll!

Walk and Read encourages physical activity, literacy and family time. The paths are stroller and wheelchair friendly, allowing for all ages to join in the fun! Please enjoy the two stories posted around the path. When you finish one story, you can flip around to the other side of the sign and begin the next story, going the other direction. Please remember to allow for social distancing.

Throughout this Summer, enjoy Walk and Read at lots of local parks.

See the schedule »


Table Top Games: Animal Themes

Summer is here and our Table Top committee has game recommendations that tie into our summer reading theme of Tails and Tales! There are so many different games to choose from, so we put together some lists to help you find a new favorite, whether you’re looking for a kids’ game, something for the whole family, or a more complex, strategic game. 

We also encourage you to attend one of our evening Table Top Game events this summer on the first Wednesday night of each month. We are also offering a Take Home Game Kit, where you can get some fun animal-themed print and play games good for the whole family! There are opportunities to play the games in the kit online with other people on July 17

Best Animal Themed Kids’ Games:

  • Animal Upon Animal - See who can stack all their animals first 

  • Dragon’s Breath- Help some young dragons collect jewels by predicting what will fall next 

  • Sequence for Kids- Collect animal cards to try to get 4 in a row 

  • The Tortoise and the Hare- Try to collect cards to push your favorite animal to victory 

  • Hoot Owl Hoot-Work together to get the baby owls back to their nest by dawn 

  • Orchard-Harvest the fruit before the Raven can snatch it away 

  • Outfoxed!- Gather clues with your detective pals to catch that crafty fox before it skips town! 

  • Feed the Kitty- Roll the dice but don't lose your mice! 

  • Rhino Hero-Help Super Rhino stack buildings as tall as you can 

  • Snail Sprint-Race magnetic snails along a metal playing board  

  • Ice Cool-Flick penguins around to collect fish and to catch other penguins 

Best Animal Themed Family Games:  

  • Camel Up- Bet on camel racing craziness 

  • King of Tokyo - Smash monsters in a battle for the city 

  • Takenoko - Grow bamboo to feed an adorable, hungry panda 

  • Hey, That’s My Fish - Compete between penguins to grab as many seafood snacks as possible 

  • Cat Lady-Collect the most cats. The trick is feeding them all to collect the points.  

  • Hive - Feels a bit like playing chess, but all the pieces are bugs 

  • Scooby Doo Betrayal at Mystery Mansion - Team up with some meddling kids to stop the monsters from getting away with their dastardly plans 

  • Coloretto- Surprisingly competitive chameleon collecting 

  • Gods Love Dinosaurs - Create a delicately balanced successful ecosystem... so dinosaurs can eat everything! 

  • Pass the Pig - Throw pigs and score points for how they land! 

  • Dinosaur Tea Party - Ask questions to deduce the identity of your fellow dino partygoers 

  • Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small - Two-player competitive animal husbandry, with strategic decisions 

  • Kariba - Fast-paced card battle between animals for a thirst-quenching drink 

Best Animal Themed Strategy Games:

  • Wingspan-Create the best bird sanctuary by creating a habitat that works together 

  • Everdell- Use resources to build a village of critters and constructions in this woodland game 

  • Root- Decide the fate of the forest as woodland factions fight for contrasting goals.  

  • Isle of Cats- Rescue as many island cats as you can before Lord Vesh comes to destroy their home. 

  • Mice & Mystics- After being turned into mice, a prince and his allies experience giant-sized stories. Great first role playing game! 

  • Bärenpark- Build your own bear park by carefully placing polyominoes. 

  • Mariposas- Guide monarch butterflies on their journey along eastern North America 

  • Bunny Kingdom- Adorable bunnies build cities, harvest carrots, and go on missions to be "Big Ears!" 

  • Calico-Create the right quilt pattern combinations to attract cats to your quilt 


Enter Your Work

Enter your work to be included in our Volume 4 Notebook to be distributed at our Writers Conference this fall.

This year will include five pieces of writing from our monthly contests, and five pieces of art from our Artists in Sight interviews. We’ll also include one piece of writing and one piece of art from the prompts below. We’re excited to see your work! Submissions will be accepted through July 25.

Prompt: Look at a scene from a public library. What’s happening on the surface? What’s happening if we look below the surface. For example, from our perspective, we might see an adult reading to a child in the kids area. From their perspective, they may see themselves as a group of adventurers trudging their way through an unexplored jungle and coming face to face with various animals or maybe they are astronauts taking the first steps on Mars. It all depends on what they are reading and it could be anything!

Here’s another: An older gentleman is scrolling through genealogy websites. He looks like he’s simply filling out his family tree. Or is he really meeting a family member for the first time, reconnecting with an old friend, or searching out his lost love?

Study groups, 3D printing, stolen laptops, children’s storytime, book groups, people sleeping, washing in the bathroom, job searches, teens playing video games, the shushing, author visits . . . look past the obvious and tell us what you see.


Enter to Win!

At Johnson County Library we love celebrating local authors!  Every month we host a new contest with prizes including a $200 honorarium and an invitation to read at a Library event. One winner will be selected from submissions of poetry, short fiction, and essays. Read more about the guidelines and enter your original works here » Check out past contest winners on our Staff Picks Blog.

The Summer theme for the Writing Contest is “Tails and Tales.” Submitters to the May poetry contest, June short story contest, July essay contest, and August essay contest will be responding to the following prompt:

“Our fascination with the animal world has persisted for millennia, borne of everything from love to fear. Animals have inspired some of humanity's earliest stories: The trickster Anansi, Aesop's Fables, the Turtle Island creation stories, Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven. This contest is your opportunity to show us what you find compelling about creatures of all kinds. Whether you're interested in jaguars or jellyfish, we want to hear the tales you have in store."

Fantasy Sticker Contest

We want your most fantastical sticker designs, so imagine your favorite unicorns, dragons and porgs for this contest! This contest is for kids and teens up to age 19. Starting June 5, submit your designs for a 3x3 inch round or square sticker June 5 - July 5, 2021. Winners in the kids and teens age groups will be announced at the end of summer and you can get copies of the winning designs at your closest Johnson County Library location in August!

Fantasy Short Story Contest

We want your most creative short stories about fantastical worlds and beasts, so start your imaginations! Children and teens (up to age 19), submit your writing online starting June 5. One entry per person, please. 

Tails and More Tails: Animal Photography Contest

Whether you’re capturing the charisma and antics of your family pets or the wild creatures that live alongside us, this is your chance to show off your photography skills. Submit your photos online June 5 - July 5, 2021. One entry per person, please. The Tails and More Tails Photo Contest is open to all Johnson County residents ages 12 and up.  


TBT: Got milk?

As you very well know, June is National Dairy Month. We have some really great dairy jokes, but we can't post them here. They're too cheesy. 

Remember, is the place to time travel through local history photos featuring cheese, milk, cows and more. Be sure to follow our hashtag on Twitter!

Happy Throwback Thursday! Some call it the best day of the week.


Virtual Trivia - Live!

Grab some friends or join solo for Live Trivia! Test your trivia mettle in a wide range of categories from science to movies and vie for bragging rights.

Virtual Trivia - Live!
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Online event
Registration is required

This program will be hosted using the meeting software Zoom. A Johnson County Library staff member will contact registrants via the email you registered with the day of the program with instructions on how to access the Zoom meeting. You do not need to download any software or create an account.

Trivia will be played via the Kahoot platform. Registrants will need access to two devices, one for Zoom and one for Kahoot.