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May is National Pet Month

It's Throwback Thursday and May is National Pet month! The Kansas School for the Deaf introduced Johnson County to Buddy the deaf dog! Sure he wears a hat, eyeglasses and smokes a pipe - he's a working class dog!

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A Visit with Jeanie and Zachary Botkin New Board member and Teen Representative

How long have you been Friends members?

We’ve been Friends members since going to our first summer book sale after moving to Kansas City. We had so much fun digging through the piles at the Metcalf Mall finding treasures to take home.

What do you want to learn by serving on the Friends Board?

I [Jeanie] thought it would be a great way for Zachary and me to share our passion for the Library and a valuable opportunity for Zachary to learn about the inner workings of a board. We are both focused on increasing the community’s awareness of the great services and look forward to helping the Library connect with youth.

Why should someone join the Friends of Johnson County Library?

Our elevator speech: Since Benjamin Franklin opened the first library in America, we all know how important libraries have become to our education and way of life. We go there to explore our most-challenging questions with unlimited freedom. But our Library is so much more than that . . . bringing the community together to a place where people can cut CDs, use a 3D printer, practice being a newscaster, design and cut out chess pieces, get help with homework, and learn a new language. And, the best part . . . our Library is open to anyone!

What are you reading right now?

Zachary is reading Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, written by Douglas Hofstadter who won a Pulitzer Prize for the book in 1979. The book explores common themes in the lives and works of logician Kurt Gödel, artist M. C. Escher and composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Jeanie is focusing on books that show how companies are using design thinking to innovate their products and services such as Design to Grow: How Coca-Cola Learned to Combine Scale and Agility (and How You Can Too) by David Butler and Linda Tischler.

About Jeanie Botkin: After spending 20+ years as an attorney at Polsinelli, Jeanie now heads up the firm’s Professional Development Department. She especially loves working with new attorneys who are transitioning from backpacks to briefcases. She spends every spare second with her family and loves to play Munchkin Legends with her son Zachary.

About Zachary Botkin: Zachary is a freshman at Mill Valley High School. After finishing a rigorous semester of debate, he is now figuring out his signature events in forensics. When not studying, he relaxes with video games, loves to program computers and reads up on the latest scientific discoveries.


This Week at the Library

This week at the Library you can give your career a boost, attend a book club for introverts, and hear some wonderful poetry.

Career Series: Resume Building, Nail Your Interview, and Building a Budget (registration required) Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:30 - 11:30 am @ Antioch Library

Silent Book Group May 7, 6 - 7:30 pm @ Groundhouse Coffee

Heart of America Shakespeare Sonnet Contest Readings May 12, 1 - 2 pm @ Central Resource Library



Hot Nonfiction Picks

Each month we look through the nonfiction items on order and make a list of the ones with buzz, and the ones that pique our interest. Check them out!


Be the “Preferred” Candidate

Congratulations Danaë! You just graduated, and thanks to the Career Planning and Jobs section of the JCL website, you found the ideal position for you as a Medical Services Tech. You look great on paper, thanks to Brainfuse JobNow.

But, while you have the minimum required prerequisite skills, what about those “preferred” skills? How many people are applying anyway? Hundreds? What will set you apart?

Don’t worry, the Library’s got your back! We’ve got the resources you need and all you need is your Library Card!

  • Bilingual communication? It doesn’t get better than Rosetta Stone

  • Medical spreadsheets? You’re going to learn Medical Coding through Universal Class

  • How do you keep up on the latest in health and wellness? You regularly visit Learn It Live

You’ve got this! When you need help, you’ll always find it here!



Happy Music Monday!

Ry Kincaid's sense of humor is perfectly suited to his craft. The writer of soon to be classic children's songs "Don't Eat Your Boogers," "Storytime is Not A Contact Sport" and "You're A Deductible" is also a natural performer, playwright and talented musician. Kincaid makes the kind of music that brings smiles to the faces of kids and their parents -- no easy task. We're fortunate to share an interview with Ry Kincaid on Listen Local.


Introduce yourself. Describe your music for new listeners.

I've been a performer, playwright, and musician for years. I've recently stumbled into my