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Local Musician Kate Cosentino on The Voice

Overland Park native and singer-songwriter Kate Cosentino has been getting a lot of attention recently for her ‘blind audition’ on NBC’s The Voice. Kate was one of the very first musicians we featured on our Local Music blog way back in 2015 when she was 16 and a teenager at Blue Valley West. Congratulations Kate! Read an article about her audition on The Voice from Pitch KC »

The Greeting Committee

Our Local Music blog featured The Greeting Committee a few years ago. Recently, their music can be heard in Netflix's new film To All the Boys: Always and Forever. Enjoy our interview with them!

Feature Artist Friday: Duncan Burnett

We were so happy to have Duncan perform this past Friday, July 13 at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center! If you were not able to attend, we will be posting the live concert recording as an episode of our Did You hear? podcast.

Friday Featured Artist: Kadesh Flow

Kadesh Flow is an amazingly multifaceted artist whose creative drive seemingly has no end. Describing him as an "emcee, trombonist and producer" only scratches the surface.

Friday Featured Artist

True Lions is something of a Kansas City supergroup comprised of some of Kansas City's most talented songwriters and musicians. Spearheaded by founding members Alison Hawkins and Mikala Petillo and recently expanded to include Elizabeth Kosko on drums and Claire Adams on guitar/bass, True Lions recalls 90s classic lo-fi indie pop with songs that are full of hooks, harmonies and other sonic surprises.

Friday Featured Artist: Heads or Heads

Heads or Heads is the musical brainchild of 22 year-old Alex Harbolt, who describes his project as "simultaneously avant-garde and easy-listening." Harbolt is also an actor, filmmaker and writer, seeing the intersection of these practices as something "to be ingested as nothing more than a part of the story that is being told; I don't want anything to feel out of place or not within the vision." His new album, Low Angles, due in April, was inspired by his first-ever trip to Los Angeles.

Featured Artist Friday: Joshua Merello

Joshua Merello is a self-taught musician whose solo acoustic guitar music represents "a reflection of my own state of mind: the depression and anxiety that most of us tend to deal with, and the joy of living that comes from growing beyond a mental illness." With his first album, Equilibrium, Merello creates contemplative music for chaotic times. It is a pleasure to share an interview with Joshua Merello about his musical background, touring and creative process.


B. Wize

B. Wize is Larry Guidry, Jr., Kansas City-based hip-hop artist, speaker and mental health advocate. As an artist, B. Wize's music is inspired by everyone from Eminem to Otis Redding to Luciano Pavarotti. As co-founder of The College Takeover Tour, B. Wize's mission is to "promote suicide awareness and stop the stigma of mental illness" through outreach to college campuses. Enjoy our interview with the artist about all these different aspects of his work and more.


Featured Artist Friday

Oxford Remedy is a band that seems destined for greater things. Comprised of sisters Kate and Grace McKown and Sydney Aldridge, the band -- all teenagers -- makes the kind of indie-rock that wouldn't have been out place blasting out of car stereos in the mid-90s. While the band members are hard at work at school, they are finding the time to record and release an upcoming EP. We are fortunate to share an exclusive interview with the band about their creative process, book, movie and music recommendations and other things.

Dan Jones

It's a pleasure to welcome Dan Jones to Local Music. A prolific songwriter and performer whose power-pop gems sport titles like "Tequila Grapefruit Soda", "Beach, Please" and "A Pickle and Two Pearl Onions", Jones's work is all kinds of entertaining and creative, alive with classic melodies, guitar punch and a childlike spirit. He and his band The Squids are gearing up for a brand-new album, We Live in a World That Is Out of This World. Fans of Guided By Voices and The Minutemen take note.