Let's Talk Hobby Help


What is a hobby? Some say it's any activity you might engage in during your leisure time for pleasure. We disagree. Vehemently! We say it has to have some personal enrichment component. Why? Well mostly because we have so many great leisure time resources that we couldn't fit them into one episode!

Last month we talked about fun activities that bring you pleasure. This month, we're exploring how the library can help with your enriching leisure activities. The Librarians are back to provide a deep-dive into hobbies. Readers Advisory Librarian Helen Hokanson leads a discussion with librarian Jess Gilson, MakerSpace facilitator Lydia Perez and clerk Joyce Mitchell. They share their hobbies and introduce you to all kinds of Library resources.

JoCoLibrary Uncovered - Hobbies

Our Hobby Recommendations:  
Charles’ Choice: Model Railroading in our eMagazine section 
Dave’s video recommendation: go to jocolibrary.org/elearning, scroll down to the “Great Courses” section and click: “Go to Great Courses.” You will land on the Kanopy page with all of the Great Courses categories. Loh and behold, the second row is the category “Hobbies!” Learn how to draw, cooking techniques, dog training and more! 
From our catalog—Hobbies

Come Celebrate Hobbies:
Discover a new hobby at the Community Connections Fair during the All Together Now Summer Celebration! Twenty-three local organizations will be on hand to share activities, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to connect. From fly fishers to jugglers to gamers to ukulele players, the library is bringing us all together!