Anti-Boredom Month Aid

Fun Drive

July is National Anti-boredom Month. We combat boredom with fun!

If you listen to public or community radio, or you watch PBS, you are very familiar with “The Fund Drive"—that's "fund" with a "D." We’re not going to do that! Instead, we’d like to introduce a NEW concept—an annual FUN drive—that's ‘fun’ without a ‘D’. That's right: “Fun Drive” 

See, while a “Fund Drive” garners funds, a “Fun Drive” gathers what our Librarians and patrons consider “fun"—we’re talking guilty pleasures, passions, interests, whatever you engage in just for the fun of it. We then take a deep-dive into Library programs, services and even the collection to show how the Library can help you have fun and win your battle against boredom! 

It's a FUN episode. Literally.

Our Fun recommendations:   
Charles’ Choice: Kirby and the Forgotten Land for Nintendo Switch  
Dave’s Double feature: streaming video from Kanopy. Waiting for Guffman & Pee-Wee's Big Adventure  
Fun Drive Recommendations from our catalog  
And, what's more fun than Dad jokes?