Writing Contest Winner

Johnson County Library is pleased to share the work of our most recent Writing Contest winner, Martha Gershun. We love so many things about her essay Emma Goldman’s Amber Necklace. It’s a perfect blend of family lore, tradition, and anarchy! Gershun’s stellar writing style is quite familiar; she has won our writing contest twice previously. 

First was Channeling Marjorie, an essay from the Women’s Voices theme, about her relationship with the yarn she inherited from a dear friend’s mother. The Hatch was selected during our Universe of Stories theme, in which Gershun shares her father’s involvement with NASA and the space program. 

We also offer contests for poetry and short story writers. We’re wrapping up our current Connections prompt, and May brings our summer prompt: Imagine Your Story.

One core source of human happiness is engaging with stories. We find our identities in the stories we tell about ourselves, and we connect with others through theirs. We find entertainment and escape when we immerse ourselves in stories that capture our imaginations. This summer we hope to inspire writers of all ages to imagine, write, and share stories. Even stories about stories; we want to learn about the writers who have delighted you and ignited your curiosity.

Tell us about stories that have brought you joy. Or try telling your own. We can’t wait to experience them with you.

We also offer our JoCoWrites blog for those of you who love to share your work, regardless of contests. For the month of April we’re accepting haiku. Submit one or several of your own, or just look for a favorite to share with your friends!