Toolkit Tuesday - Shelves

With our Tuesday Toolkit, we share Library tools you might not know about! This week's tool: Shelves.

Your favorite author just released a new novel and that has you ecstatic! Then reality hits. You haven't finished reading their last book and you've got 20-plus other books checked out. No worries! That's the purpose of the "For-Later" shelf

You can keep track of what you've checked out and let others who think you have great taste keep up with what's trending in your world. How? Add those titles to your "In-Progress" shelf. 

Finally, when you finish those books, eBooks or movies, add them to your "Completed" shelf. It's a little reminder of what you've read, what author had you screaming "Never again!", and what you've loved with all of your heart. 

Where are these magic shelves? In the catalog. Your shelves simply are lists of items you have borrowed, are currently using, or want to borrow in the future. You are in charge! You determine what to put on your shelves. They are set to public by default so you can share ideas with your friends and all users of the BiblioCommons catalog system at other libraries. Not into sharing? If you so choose, you can change your shelves to private by going to My Settings and clicking on "Privacy." It's up to you!

So, give Shelves a try!