Toolkit Tuesday - Create a List in the Catalog

With our Tuesday Toolkit, we share Library tools you might not know about!

list is a collection of titles related to a specific topic or idea of your choosing. For example: Knitting Books for Beginners or The 10 Best Movies about Baseball would be suitable subjects for lists. Although lists are meant for sharing, you can decide who gets to see your list when you publish it.

Why Create Lists?
Creating lists is a great way to help other library patrons discover new works. Best Italian Cookbooks10 Books My Daughter Loves Best and Movies That Changed My Life are examples of lists you could create. A good list is a curated topic guide. A list shouldn’t be just a group of titles by an author, since you can do that just by searching, or a group of titles you want to borrow, since you have a For Later shelf for that.

When you log in to our catalog with your username or Library card number and PIN, pop over to the blue box in the top right corner of the website. Click the down carrot to expand the menu. Under "MY COLLECTIONS" you will see "Lists." This is your gateway to creating recommendations to share with people in your online library community.

You will see lists in several locations on the site:

When you browse the details of a title, you’ll see links to everyone’s lists that contain that title under the Listed heading.

The lists you create are also shared with other users when they view your collection. (The exception is lists you have chosen to keep private.)

Users’ lists are also featured at the bottom of the Recent Activity page.

When you have an idea for a list and you’re ready to get started, see Creating Lists.