Staff Spotlight: Dynamic Design Duo

Johnson County Library has a dynamic duo. They work behind-the-scenes but leave an indelible mark of artistic creativity and passion on the system’s educational and promotional materials.

Jennifer Taylor and Cindy Frazer are the Library’s two graphics coordinators, playing an essential role in communication and outreach.

“We are part of the customer experience department,” Taylor explained. “We do all of the printed materials, the bookmarks, the flyers, the newsletters, the guide magazines, all the summer reading promotions, the Writers’ Conference [materials].”

The work includes posters, lobby boards, banners, signage, and name badges, Frazer adds. “Anything that’s printed, business cards -- everything comes through this department.” They also ensure materials look good online.

It’s an enormous task, but they’ve been working collaboratively together for decades and love what they do.

“I like the variety. I always have something different,” said Frazer, who recently designed both printed and online materials for the Writers’ Conference. “There’s always something new. So there are new things we get to figure out.  How to make something work. A new way to get it out there.”

Taylor particularly enjoys working on summer reading promotions.

“Since I started here in 1992, I’ve designed all of the [materials] for summer reading, for every year,” she said. “Sometimes I’ve gotten to work directly with the artists doing the artwork for it, which is fantastic, just the creation of the overall look for summer reading. I get to take it off from there to design the posters and the bookmarks and the reading logs and the images that are going online now.”

Frazer was hired to do layout and manual paste-up in the pre-digital days of 1985 and started the graphic arts department in 1988.  Taylor joined her in 1992 and the two have been a great team ever since, sharing life’s milestones.

“We’ve been through weddings, marriages, babies….kids graduating the same time,” said Taylor, who has two sons, ages 25 and 21. Frazer also has two sons, ages 33 and 25.

The Library’s writers and other content providers take great pride in their work. Taylor and Frazer see their role as enhancing communication and giving Library materials the right “look” through an attractive palette of colors, fonts, and other design decisions.

 “We want to make sure we’re making it look the best we possibly can,” Taylor said, “to honor the work that’s been put into it.”