Tabletop Game: King of Tokyo

Our librarian Charles wrote a review of the board game King of Tokyo!

In this game for 2-6 players, monstrous, robotic, and alien kaiju (think Godzilla) battle to be the last one standing. A fast-paced and easy to learn dice rolling mechanic fuels this family friendly brawl, and with a little help, even early readers can enjoy a taste of glory when they become the King of Tokyo. 

Players can win the game in one of two ways. The first is to be the first monster to accumulate 20 victory points. These points can be earned by occupying Tokyo City or rolling matching number sets with the dice. The other way to win is by being the last monster left alive, with each monster starting at 10 health and dealing damage by rolling the Smash symbol on the dice. Upgrades can be purchased throughout the game to enhance either strategy, but really, what self-respecting monster is going to try to win with points instead of their claws? 

The dice mechanic will feel familiar to people who have played the classic game Yahtzee. Each turn, players roll 6 dice, set aside what they would like to keep, and reroll the remaining dice. They can roll 3 times total on each of their turns, then they read the symbols to resolve the effects of their turn. Once you have learned the 6 potential results on each die, the game is simple enough that I have been playing with my son since he was 4, and it is our go-to game for the family.  

The cartoonish art style lends a lighthearted air to what is otherwise a game largely about combat, and the special powers add a unique element that you will see more of each time you play. For fast fun and its high replayability value, King of Tokyo is a game I recommend checking out next time you play.  

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