Sixty by Sixty: Ready to Retire

"Six by Six: Ready to Read," meet "Sixty by Sixty: Ready to Retire."

We work hard to make sure people are prepared with the skills they need to be successful and enjoy life. As a counterpart to our 6 by 6: Six Skills By Six Years early literacy program, we have developed our 60 by 60: Sixty Skills by Sixty Years program to help adults reach their full potential. Here are the skills every adult should master by 60 years of age:

First, know that the Six by Six: Ready to Read skills will carry you through life, whether you’re practicing them with a young person you love, or just on your own.


Here are the rest of the skills we have identified.


  1. Continue to notice print all around you
  2. Still have fun with books
  3. Keep talk talk talkin'
  4. Tell stories about everything ... but know your audience
  5. Look for letters everywhere: it'll help you win Words with Friends
  6. Take time to rhyme
  7. Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run
  8. Be able to spell “comittment,” "reccomend," and "acomodate" 
  9. Be able to explain Brexit
  10. Make toast without burning it
  11. Know you can't change the weather, but you can change your attitude
  12. Know when expiration dates on food can be ignored... and when they can't
  13. Know the difference: it’s and its
  14. Always say no to Nigerian princes’ financial requests
  15. Remember all your passwords (without them all being your birthdate)
  16. Hold a coherent conversation about Bitcoin
  17. Know which is which: dystopia and utopia
  18. Resign yourself to the fact that flying cars will not happen during your lifetime
  19. Cook a perfect hard-boiled egg
  20. Taken a hard stance on “gif” versus “jif” pronounciation
  21. Know what the ancient terms “Betamax” and “VHS” refer to
  22. Know the “difference” between a pound sign and a hashtag
  23. Fold a fitted sheet
  24. Know the 5 second rule is a lie
  25. Realize your smart phone is not all that smart
  26. The ability to not accidentally open the front facing camera
  27. Resist the snooze button
  28. Know that it’s “Firefox” and not “Foxfire” (and that it has nothing to do with Fyre)
  29. Know which Hogwarts House you belong to
  30. Know not to get attached to any Game of Thrones character
  31. The realization that Chuck Norris is just a mortal man
  32. Your future great American novel will never be written
  33. Know that puppy videos are superior to kitten videos
  34. Know to renew your vehicle registration online
  35. Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy: all real
  36. Be firm in your position on the debate about "The Dress"
  37. Finally throw away all those Beanie Babies you were going to sell on eBay
  38. Know the difference between the “flossing,” “dabbing” and "nae nae-ing"
  39. Participate in at least one flash mob
  40. Have dabbled in at least one of the following fads: dancing the Macarena, the paleo diet, planking, fidget spinners
  41. Know how many degrees you are away from Kevin Bacon
  42. Memorize your license plate, social security and library card number
  43. Be able to make change without a calculator
  44. Knit an ugly Christmas sweater
  45. Master 5th grade math
  46. Like us on Facebook!
  47. And Twitter!
  48. Know if you’re winter, summer, spring, fall, or colorblind
  49. Decide for once and all: Yanny or Laurel?
  50. Know that kitten videos are superior to puppy videos
  51. Save your documents frequently 
  52. Know what "literally" literally means.
  53. Read. Read a lot. Literally.
  54. Realize you were a hipster before it was cool
  55. Exercise your critical thinking skills as often as possible
  56. Be able to calculate a 15% tip in your head
  57. Know how to parallel park
  58. Don't always do what your GPS tells you to
  59. Set healthy boundaries. Know when you can, and when you can't even.
  60. Know that links online don't always go where you expect

As always, you can turn to your local Library for help developing and nurturing life skills - at any age.