To-Read pile getting too-small?

Be sure to check out what your librarians have been reading and doing recently over at our Staff Picks Blog:

Gregg wrote about five new releases this month in fiction that you absolutely need to know about, including a novel about two lost souls on the run from the New Orleans mob post-JFK assassination, a romance about a marriage proposal at a baseball game that goes hysterically, horribly wrong, and a sci-fi action thriller about a woman who can do advanced mathematics in her head - and uses that ability to turn the tables on kidnappers and mercenaries.

Matt wrote about Silent Book Group that he created and currently moderates at the Groundhouse Coffee Shop in Gardner, Kansas. A silent book club is perfect for those among us who like the concept of talking about the books we’re reading, but don’t like the homework assignment feel of the traditional book group. You can read alone, together, even if it’s in a bustling coffee shop.

Josh wrote about what the staff at his library branch are reading, watching, and listening to. His branch, Lackman, has some of the sharpest readers in the library system, and you’ll be sure to come away will a pile of great books that will top your To Be Read stack.

Hebah recently attended Worldcon 76, one of the biggest sci-fi/fantasy conventions on the planet. She attended panels, talked to authors and artists, and met dozens of enthusiastic fans. If you’ve never been to a sci-fi convention, Hebah excellently describes the experience - and provides YouTube clips, too!

We’ve also written reviews of books we’ve liked, too: check out Kari’s review of a great Cold War spy thriller, and Dylan’s review of a novel featuring the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader.