Praise for New Online Programming

Like many Johnson County Library patrons, Lindsey Opdyke says she learned to appreciate all the online services o­ffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She got the Axis 360 eBooks app. And Facebook Live programming has added a whole new dimension to her family’s Library experiences.

During normal times, Opdyke works full-time and her mother-in-law would take her young daughter, Emerson, every Wednesday to Storytime at Monticello Library. Those in-person Storytimes introduced Emerson to wonderful books, rhymes and songs since she was about nine months old.

“My daughter enjoys the interaction with other kids. She doesn’t normally have a lot of that,” Opdyke said. “Listening to a teacher that’s not a family member, that’s really beneficial. Having to follow rules and use her inside voice.”

Since Opdyke was normally busy at work, she only accompanied Emerson to Storytime on the rare Wednesday when she had a day o­ff. Then, after the virus struck and the Library branches all closed, she learned that the Storytimes would be available online. Since Opdyke was now working from home, all of a sudden she was able to follow the Storytimes herself.

“I loved the time at home,” Opdyke said. She especially appreciated getting to watch Storytimes every weekday at 10 a.m., and getting to experience those lively settings with her daughter.

She said Emerson realizes the “virtual” Storytime is di­fferent from what she had been used to, but it still keeps her engaged and learning. “She’s a little performer,” Opdyke said. “She loves going to the Library, but I think she really loves the online Storytime as well.”

The family is thrilled they can now return to Monticello Library and stock up on actual books. But Opdyke has discovered that the Library’s innovations during the pandemic are major enhancements to what was already o­ffered.

“We love it,” she said. “And we hope they continue to do the online programs.”

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