One Location: One Genre

It can be overwhelming when there are so many great books to read! So, we're helping you by narrowing down your choices. We're rearranging our collection! Now, there will only be one genre at each location. Take note: if you are a regular patron at a particular branch, you may only check out that location's genre.

Here's what you'll find at each location:

  • Antioch: Dinosaur Romance
  • Blue Valley: Contemplating the Void: Depressive Literary Fiction
  • Cedar Roe: Adventure on the High Seas: Books with a Curly- and Red-Haired Pirate Lady on the Cover
  • Central Resource: Non-Fiction
  • Corinth: Rumspringa and Rocketships: Amish Sci-Fi
  • De Soto: Picture Books
  • Edgerton Highland Haikus: Scottish Poetry
  • Gardner: The Books You Were Assigned in High School and Didn't Read
  • Lackman: ​Hashtags and Holographs: Virtual Romance 
  • Leawood Pioneer: Westerns
  • Lenexa City Center Love Triangles All Over the Place: Young Adult Romance
  • Monticello: Unread and Pretentious Literary Fiction Book Club Picks
  • Oak Park Cozy Knitting Mysteries with Charming Older Ladies as Protagonists
  • Shawnee: Audiobooks
  • Spring Hill Cooking with Orwell and Huxley: Culinary Dystopia