New Podcast Episode: Return Bin Finds

In this episode of Did you hear, we discuss the weird and wacky, and sometimes wonderful, things we find in the book drop. Melissa and Dave host our librarians Chris Carleton, Austin Johnson and Laura Hunt who share their most fabulous and freaky finds, including many things used as a bookmark.

This is probably a good time to ask you to please, please, please not place anything in the return bins except Library materials. The occasional drawing from a child or periodic thank you note is OK though. :D

From our staff: the artwork for this episode was submitted by Clerk Charles Hower who wrote, "I have only been with the library since June of 2018, so not much time to see really crazy things. I do have one picture I took of a note card with some drawing we got in an adult fiction book at Monticello. I believe the note card was discarded, but I still ponder this art and its meaning months later." The text in the drawing reads, "How many beans until I'm satisfied?