Finding Nemo, Dory or a Job

Roland, it's all about the search. You've got energy and enthusiasm. That's great! That's going to help you get through what can be a difficult, complex and potentially emotionally-draining process. But don't worry! The Library has your back. You've grown up on movies like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory What's the next epic? Finding Roland a Job!

Many people say April and May are the best months to find a job and get hired. And, your Library Card makes it so much easier.

Where have you looked for jobs, Roland? Craiglist?! And??? Oh ... just Craigslist. Huh. OK ... well, let's cast a wider net. 

Go to our Career Planning and Jobs section - Discover the perfect job for you with our many job search tools. Short on experience? Software and tools? No worries. We have training. We can help you with your resume, cover letter and even networking. Best thing? We can help you zero in on LOCAL jobs! Check out these amazing resources: