Best of April Fool's

Here on Johnson County Library website, we always have a great time on April Fool's Day. This past Monday we ran a whopping six April Fool's posts, and brought a little extra laughter to our coworkers, our followers on social media, and our community. 

Here are a few of our favorite comments from our posts this year on social media:

  • Today’s homepage at @jocolibrary does not disappoint, and now I’m sad I missed out on the Home Delivery Via Dragon Service!
  • ​I always look forward to what the @jocolibrary crew cooks up for today. They didn't disappoint this year!​
  • Battin' 1000 today, library folks! 
  • I died and then remembered it's April 1st!​
  • JoCo Librarians are killing it today!
  • NOW THAT IS REALLY FUNNY! Bravo, JCL! #AprilFools #NicelyPlayed
  • I hate this holiday... I believed for a hot second.
  • Love that my local library system has such a great sense of humor!
  • Got me! Good one, whew!

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