Be the “Preferred” Candidate

Congratulations Danaë! You just graduated, and thanks to the Career Planning and Jobs section of the JCL website, you found the ideal position for you as a Medical Services Tech. You look great on paper, thanks to Brainfuse JobNow.

But, while you have the minimum required prerequisite skills, what about those “preferred” skills? How many people are applying anyway? Hundreds? What will set you apart?

Don’t worry, the Library’s got your back! We’ve got the resources you need and all you need is your Library Card!

  • Bilingual communication? It doesn’t get better than Rosetta Stone

  • Medical spreadsheets? You’re going to learn Medical Coding through Universal Class

  • How do you keep up on the latest in health and wellness? You regularly visit Learn It Live

You’ve got this! When you need help, you’ll always find it here!