25 Exquisite Cinematic Gems from 1998

Today we wanted to share these recommendations from our Librarian Mike. This very specific list of cinematic gems all turn 25 years old this year. That's right, if you were born in the same year as The Wedding Singer, Titanic, Blade, and Wag the Dog, you can now rent a car. Congrats! Mike says:

"This is a list of 25 exquisite cinematic gems that - having come out in 1998 - turned 25 this year. I started this project in July thinking that it might be hard to find 25 genuinely good movies to include, but as I dug into the year I actually found it hard to limit the list to 25. To be clear, this isn't a list of the "best movies of the year" (although some of the movies on this list are among the greatest of all time, in my opinion). This is just a list highlighting some really fantastic movies that you may have forgotten about, never got around to watching, or maybe just haven't seen in a long time and ought to re-watch."