Notice Print All Around You

Kangaroo touristsNoticing that print in the environment is meaningful and knowing how to handle a book doesn’t just happen.

Children need many experiences handling books in their everyday world to understand that print is used in multiple ways for a variety of purposes. This is referred to as print awareness, and is different from knowing about letters. It includes knowledge about how a book works.

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  • Use puzzles that have pictures and letters or words.
  • Point out that a book has an author and an illustrator.
  • Let children help you make a shopping list. Match the words on your list to those on the products.
  • As you write, tell your children what you're doing.
  • Let children help read recipes as you cook or bake. Let them make a picture recipe
  • Identify print on t-shirts, boxes and signs.
  • Hand a book to your child upside down, and see if she turns it around.
  • When using a menu at a restaurant, show them what you’re ordering. When they get home, give them a pad of paper and let them pretend to be a server, taking and filling orders


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