Have Fun with Books

Monkey blowing bubblesChildren just want to have FUN and if we want them to learn to read, we need to make books and reading fun.

Children who enjoy books and are interested in them will naturally want to learn to read! Educators and researchers use the term print motivation to describe this area of early literacy.

The fact is, if children associate reading with negative feelings, their motivation to read is diminished. So find the right time when you and your children are in the mood and enjoy reading . . . together.

Children who like to be read to are more likely to become good readers.

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  • Get a free library card and visit the library regularly.
  • Let children help you select books. Find out where the library keeps easy information books including alphabet and number books.
  • Check-out books which encourage searching for objects in the illustrations.
  • Have pretend reading sessions. Get picture books with little or no text and ask children to read to you.
  • Take books wherever you go: doctor’s office, in the car, at the grocery store, in the park.
  • Watch children as they play and let them see you writing about them and what they’re doing. Create a book they can read about themselves and include a photograph of them.
  • Involve children in the reading as much as possible. Have them say a repeated phrase with you throughout a book as you read aloud. Being an active participant makes it much more fun!
  • Give books as gifts.
  • It’s important for children to have a positive association with books and reading, so recognize your child’s mood and choose a time that’s best for him or her. Stop reading when it’s no longer fun.
  • Don’t want to spend a lot of money on books that your baby is going to chew on and tear up? Check out the Friends of the Library Bookstores and get great board books and more for a bargain price!


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