2016 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Library Board of Directors as of 12/31/16

  • Nancy Hupp
  • Pamela Robinson, Chair
  • Amy Amos Ruo
  • JR Riley, Treasurer
  • John Nelson, Secretary / Vice Chair
  • Bethany Griffith
  • Neil Shortlidge

Letter from the County Librarian

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

In 2016, we entered the second year of our 2015 Comprehensive Library Master Plan (CLMP) and the final of our four-year Strategic Plan. Both endeavors support the Library's commitment to enrich people's lives through access to ideas, information and experiences. For the Library, this means creating and sustaining a variety of access points where patrons can learn and explore. It also offers numerous opportunities for individual interactions with materials, technology and individuals, culminating in personalized levels of knowledge and experience.

The Library continues to be a space where patrons come first, access to information is readily available and patron privacy and confidentiality remains a priority. We are always seeking innovative ways to provide quality services designed to emphasize our role as a trusted learning organization where freedom of information remains protected.

Our 20-year vision represents the services, programs and facilities we believe critical to meet the growth and evolution Johnson County citizens need and deserve. The Comprehensive Library Master Plan allows Johnson County Library to create unique ecosystems designed to nurture the community's collective wisdom through the offering of equitable library services. The Plan encourages optimal access to important services, expansion of existing infrastructure, and increasing operational sustainability. Through these budgeted targets, the Library can react with flexibility and the necessary responsiveness in a county known for growth and evolution.


Online and at any of our 13 Johnson County branches, patrons can attend informal learning activities and take advantage of free learning opportunities such as Homework Help and Tutor.com. For our youngest patrons, we offer successful early literacy initiatives like 6 by 6, which teaches the six critical literacy skills required for children age six and under. Offered in English and Spanish, early literacy learning sets a critical foundation for a lifetime of learning and skill building. Beyond the age of six, our summer reading program provides summer fun with a larger goal of negating the loss of reading skills when school isn't in session.

Community Building

There's little doubt, Johnson County citizens love to be mobile. This observation is also true of our library patrons where many regularly visit multiple branches to participate in programming, take part in a Legislative Coffee discussion, get feedback in our Writers Workshop or join us for local entertainment. Our free conference, meeting and study rooms also remain in high demand with tutor groups, entrepreneurs and community groups throughout the community.


The library is proud to be a third space for a growing number of Johnson County citizens. This social environment away from home or work serves as a welcoming spot, whether patrons visit to find quiet spaces or open areas for gathering and socialization. All Johnson County Library locations offer computers, free Wi-Fi, and access to books, movies, magazines, newspapers, e-resources, databases and much more. A partnership with metro libraries on both sides of the State Line means patrons now have access to a unified catalog with more resources than ever before. We're also moving forward on the long-awaited Monticello library, located in western Shawnee, one of the fastest-growing communities in Johnson County.

With the leadership of the Library's Board of County Commissioners and their appointees to our Board of Directors, we continue to cultivate a library system equipped to provide high-quality services to hundreds of thousands of Johnson County residents from a variety of cultures and circumstances.

I appreciate this foresight as we navigate how to provide the best experience for current and future generations of Library patrons.

Sean Casserley, County Librarian

Administrative Team
Sean Casserley, County Librarian
Tricia Suellentrop, Deputy County Librarian
John Helling, Associate Director, Systemwide Services
Jennifer Mahnken, Associate Director, Branch Services
Susan Mong, Executive Director, Johnson County Library Foundation
Nicki Neufeld, Finance Director
Loree Terry, Associate Director, Customer Experience

Success Stories

Reopening of Central Resource Library

After 280 days of construction and a lengthy interior renovation, Central Resource Library reopened in January 2016. Improvements to the existing structure included the addition of a third Friends of the Library bookstore location as well as upgrades to restrooms, heating and cooling systems, improved access to power and the installation of wireless internet. The expansion also enabled the Library to increase the size of the popular Black & Veatch MakerSpace six-fold. Johnson County Government Public Building Commission bonds funded the $3.6 million project with collaboration from the County public building commission, library leadership and County facilities.

Environmental and Workplace Safety

Now in its second year, the Comprehensive Library Master Plan (CLMP) offers the Library the ability to implement enhancements across our Library system. In 2016, these changes included the installation of new carpeting at Oak Park, landscaping at Lackman, an addition of energy-efficient sliding doors at Antioch, and aesthetic upgrades at DeSoto. Funds from the 20-year plan also subsidized deferred maintenance at all 13 branches. To stay up-to-date on library building projects related to the CLMP, visit jocolibrary.org/locations.

Co-Host of National Urban Libraries Council Conference

In October 2016, Johnson County Library co-hosted the Urban Libraries Council (ULC). The Getting to the Evidence program united library teams, community partners and local and national leaders in the exploration of how libraries can demonstrate and measure outcomes in the community. The largest ULC event to date included discussions on library return on investment, creating effective stories and a lively exchange regarding the role of the modern library. Participants of the three-day gathering left with starting points to define the evolving needs of library patrons today and in the future.

Preparing to Break Ground

After a lengthy wait peppered by the realities of an economic downturn, construction on Monticello Library in western Shawnee is moving forward. The Monticello branch will replace Lackman library, which cannot sustain the increase of 1,000 patrons daily. Site restrictions at the current 18,000-square-foot Lackman location make physical expansion impractical. Plans for the new location, located near K-7 and Shawnee Mission Parkway at 22435 West 66th Street, include extensive input from Johnson County citizens and planning sessions with Library staff. The Library anticipates groundbreaking for Monticello in spring of 2017 with an opening date of fall 2018.

Staff Awards and Honors

  • Meagan Condon, youth services librarian at Blue Valley and Spring Hill branches, represented the Kansas Library Association on the Kansas statewide William Allen White award committee.
  • Gregg Windsor, reference librarian, Central branch, represented Johnson County Library on the LibraryReads National Steering Committee.
  • Monica Duffield, branch manager, Central branch, represented Johnson County Library at the Professional Development and Training Committee of the Mid-America Library Alliance.
  • Jennifer Mahnken, Associate Director for Branch Services, Central branch, served as Vice President of the Mid-America Library Association.
  • Dawna Ofstehage, youth services librarian, Leawood branch, received a competitive American Library Association grant to support services for the incarcerated.
  • Dennis Ross, youth services supervisor, Central branch, oversaw Johnson County Library’s participation in the summer lunch initiatives produced by Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

comprehensive library master plan

Johnson County is growing, and Johnson County Library is keeping pace through the implementation of our 2014-18 Strategic Plan and 2015 Comprehensive Library Master Plan (CLMP). The Summer CLMP Update is a progress report of our planning, studies and new building projects.

The CLMP is a 20-year vision of Library services, programs and facilities that parallel the growth and evolution of the County. The plan builds on the distinctive offerings of each location as part of an ecosystem working to meet neighborhood and countywide needs.

Knowing our residents choose libraries for many reasons, we are tailoring our plans to Johnson County’s unique characteristics, needs and resources. This includes the provision of core library services such as collections, computers, seating and program space along with distribution of meeting rooms, special collections and advanced technology. For Johnson County, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach.

As our work takes shape we'll keep you posted through newspapers and County magazines, Library print and electronic publications, and special progress reports. Project Managers make monthly updates at Library Board meetings. Access those reports at www.jocolibrary.org/about/board. You can tell us what you think, anytime, through the Library Answers page.

Materials Handling Study

In the 2015 CLMP, the Library proposed to study the efficiency of its circulation operations. We're already one of the most efficient Libraries in the country. To learn how we can get more books to more people, faster and cheaper, we contracted with an industry materials handling company, CapRock Global Solutions, to help us challenge our assumptions about this core Library function.

Applying more than two decades of expertise, CapRock interviewed staff and documented processes to create a series of materials flow diagrams. These identify ways to increase quality and increase efficiency, improving patron service and lowering Library costs.

Library staff are analyzing the data looking for low-cost solutions. Materials Handling may not sound as glamorous as new buildings, but it offers the potential for better Library service at lower cost.

"Partnership and management of expenditures is instrumental to cultivating a library system equipped to provide high-quality services to hundreds of thousands of Johnson County residents from all lifestyles and circumstances." - Sean Casserley, County Librarian

Monticello Library
22435 West 66th Street, Shawnee
Opening: planned late-2018
Total project cost: $18.1 million
The long-awaited Monticello Library in western Shawnee is underway. Ongoing planning includes Library seeking public input and analyzing evolving needs for services. The Library and County identified a site in 2010, and the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System made a donation of adjoining land to provide adequate parking.
Citizen feedback and professional staff advice include three themes: a robust Kids collection and area; a variety of sizes and types of public study and conference rooms; and, up-to-date technology.
The Clark Enersen Partners of Lincoln, NE, are the project architects.

Lenexa City Center Library
8778 Penrose Lane, Lenexa
Opening: planned mid-2019
Total project cost: $ 21.1 million

The Lenexa Branch launched in 1954 with about 3,000 books, staffed by volunteers, and was open two hours a week. The branch closed in 1967 when Oak Park opened. The Library broke ground for the current Lackman Library in 1986 and enlarged it in 1997. Lenexa's population continues to grow, from 40,000 in 2000 to more than 51,000 today. The current Lackman site does not offer any opportunity for growth.

The Master Plan will relocate Lackman to larger site at Lenexa City Center, generously provided by the City of Lenexa. Lenexa will more than double in size and expand its range of Library services with benefits at the Civic Center such as shared parking and access to a 250-seat auditorium. Kansas City based Hollis+Miller are project architects.

Blue Valley Library
9000 West 151st Street, Overland Park
Schedule and project budget in process.

Blue Valley's first library was a self-service ‘kiosk’ of 200 books opened in 1953 at Boehm’s Grocery in Stanley. When Bookmobile service began in 1956 the Boehm’s location closed, and the Stanley metro-area was thus served until the Blue Valley Library opened in 1982.

Population growth in the Blue Valley area continues to strain public resources such as utilities and schools, as well as Libraries, invoking ongoing expansion conversations.

Design of the expanded branch is planned to begin in 2020. The City of Overland Park has provided the Library site, and will collaborate with the Library on the development of a Literary Park adjacent to the location.

Corinth Library
8100 Mission Road, Prairie Village
Schedule and project budget in process.

Volunteers opened a branch in the Prairie Village Shopping Center in 1953 in donated commercial basement space with donated books, shelving and other furnishings. Ten years later, Corinth Library opened as part of a system-wide expansion. Corinth was further expanded in 1967 to its current size. It remains one of the busiest libraries in the Kansas City metro area, attracting users from adjacent communities.

Specific site and planning work have not yet started. As we progress in other areas of the Plan, discussion around Corinth will include seeking Public Input and beginning programming conversations.

2016 Impact

Johnson County Library Year in Review
Circulation: 7,040,584
That's enough material if stacked flat would be as tall as 1,516 Empire State Buildings!

Online Activity
2.4 million visits to jocolibrary.org
1,867,035 web renewals
447,989 digital downloads
408,758 PC sessions on our 337 state-of-the-art computers
300,000 devices connected to our fast and free wireless network
114,000 prints and copies. That’s enough paper to cover nearly 2 acres.
Every day, we strive to fulfill the mission of our community by providing access to ideas, information, experiences and materials that support and enrich people's lives.

Financial Information

We are pleased to present a budget that shows an overall operating and special use budget of $36,130,627, an increase of 9.5%, which is largely due to the increase in tax support. An operating budgeted expenditure increase of $3,174,891 is due to an increase in personnel costs related to the additional 47.7 FTEs requested to both staff the new Monticello location and to support system-wide services throughout JCL. Additionally, there is an increase of funding for Collection support with the addition of the Monticello location.

The Library's revenue projections continue to show growth as the projected property valuation rises. The anticipated projected increase in revenue allows us to budget $1,147,850 to our capital replacement projects plan to address many issues. JCL continues to maintain healthy reserves of 22.1% and 36.3% as of the end of 2017 in both our operating and special use funds, respectively.


  • General Property Taxes were $27,849,649.
  • Other Taxes and Fees were $2,427,838.
  • State and Federal Grants were $136,091.
  • Overdue Fines and Fees were $753,812.
  • Other Entities and Contributions were $657,034.
  • Investment Income was $105,037.
  • Total revenues were $31,929,461.

General Fund

  • Personnel was $14,557,078.
  • Contractual was $3,841,715.
  • Commodities were $3,542,399.
  • Capital was $2,484,000.
  • Grants were $136,727.
  • Transfer to Capital Projects was $4,092,240.
  • Total was $28,654,159.

Special Use Fund

  • Contractual was $5,147.
  • Commodities/Capital were $1,180,007.
  • Debt Paid was $969,435.
  • Transfer to Capital Projects was $906,156.
  • Total was $3,060,745.

Thanks to Our 2016 Volunteers

Volunteers actively serve the librarian in 8 areas: clerical duties, education/outreach, Friends of the Library, projects/events, research, materials management, teens and boards.

  • 1,144 total volunteers
  • The total of 48,423 volunteer hours equates to 25 FTEs.
  • $319,156 in Revenue
  • Volunteers helped bring in important revenue through book sales online and on-site.
  • $1,140,846 Economic Impact
  • According to The Independent Sector, a volunteer hour is worth $23.56, giving 2016 volunteers an economic impact for the library of $1,140,846.

2016 Friends of the Johnson County Library

The Friends build community support for the Library supplying an ongoing need for adequate Library services, programs and coordination of donations and outreach materials.

Friends of Johnson County Library Bookstore

Friends operates 3 physical used bookstores at Antioch Library, Blue Valley Library and Central Resource Library. These stores enable our community to purchase gently used books and audiovisual materials at great prices.

In addition to the physical locations, Friends sell online through Amazon, AbeBooks, Alibris and eBay.

Financial Success

  • Generated Income: $323,373.65
  • Income generated via membership dues, monetary donations, book sales, book totes and our Roasterie special blend.
  • Expenditures included the salary of 4 employees, operational costs, promotions and advertising, membership campaigns and financial support to the Johnson County Library and Library Foundation.


735 Active Members

Members receive:

  • Invitations to special events
  • 10% discount on Friends of the Library Bookstore purchases
  • 20% discount on purchases made on Friends Appreciation Day
  • Admission to Friends-only preview sales

Join Today

Purchase memberships or renew in person at any Friends Bookstore or online at www.jocolibrary.org/friends


The Library Lets Loose
Honorary Hosts: Carol and Fred Logan
Participants: sold out with more than 400 guests
Funds Raised: $100,000

Stay Home & Read a Book Ball
Guest Author: Gillian Flynn, best-selling and hometown author
Funds Raised: $9,500

  • Facebook event page: 381 people "went" and 186 "interested"
  • Twitter impressions: 28,000 total via Twitter from Foundation account
  • Facebook impressions: 2,950

Breakfast at the Library
Participants: more than 80 guests in attendance, including elected officials, BOCC, donors, corporate partners and key community leaders
Library Programs Recognized: 6 by 6 Ready to Read (both English and Español), MakerSpace, Incarcerated Services, elementia, Civic Engagement, Homework Help, Tutor.com, Latino Youth Outreach, and Summer Reading.

Tri-Board Meeting
Participants: 40 guests
Institutions represented: Library Foundation and Friends Board members from Johnson County Library and Olathe Public Library, JCL Foundation staff, JCL staff, and Friends of JCL staff.

Johnson County Library Foundation
The Foundation helps the Library build its collection and resources, offer programs for patrons of all ages, and better serve the needs of our community. Celebrating 20 years, the Johnson County Foundation had a successful 2016.

Program Participation
83,998: Literacy-based
31,770: Storytime
19,766: Summer Reading

Generous Donations
The Stay Home & Read a Book Ball and Library Lets Loose fund raiser events brought in a record amount of $110,300.
The Foundation donated $83,639 to support the collection.

Community Partners

Aberdeen Village, Academy Montessori Internationale, Aldersgate United Methodist Church Preschool, American Heritage Girls, ANB Bank, Apache Elementary School, Apache Innovative School: Guys Read Club, Around the World Musical Theater Group, Aubry Bend Middle School, Bishop Miege High school Page Pirates Book Club, Black & Veatch, Blue Valley Elementary, Blue Valley Middle School, Blue Valley North High School, Blue Valley Northwest High School, Blue Valley Schools Parents as Teachers, Blue Valley Schools, Hilltop Learning Center, Blue Valley Southwest High School, Bluejacket-Flint Elementary School Literacy Night, Boy Scouts of America, Brighton Academy, Brighton Gardens of Prairie Village, Broken Arrow Elementary School, Brookridge Day School, Brookridge Elementary School, Burns & McDonnell, Canterbury Preparatory School, Centerfire Shooting Sports, Christ Preparatory Academy, City of Lenexa, Kansas, City of Lenexa, Kansas Parks & Recreation Department, City of Merriam, Kansas, City of Merriam, Kansas Parks and Recreation Department, City of Overland Park, Kansas Police Department, Claridge Court, A LifeSpace Community, Comanche Elementary School, Community Covenant Church Preschool, Community of Christ, Corinth Elementary School, Countryside Christian Church Child Development Center, Deaf Cultural Center, DeSoto School District, Parent as Teachers, Mize Elementary School, Downtown Overland Park, Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management, Faith Book Club, Overland Park, Fine Arts Theatres – Rio Theatre, Gambino’s Pizza, Gardner Parks and Recreation, Gardner-Edgerton School District, Parents as Teachers, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Pioneer Preschool, Grand Star Elementary School, Growing Futures Early Education Center, Harmony Middle School, Heritage United Methodist Church, Sunflower Circle Group, Holy Cross Catholic School, Homeschool Connections, Homeschool Lego League, Homestead of Lenexa, Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., IKEA Foundation, International Visitor Leadership Program, Irene B. French Community Center, Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City - Heritage Center, Jewish Family Services Monday Morning Coffee Club, Johnson County 4-H Youth Development, Johnson County Adolescent Center for Treatment, Johnson County Adult Residential Center, Johnson County Citizens Academy, Johnson County Community College, Johnson County Community College Theater Department, Johnson County Department of Corrections, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment, Johnson County Developmental Supports, Johnson County Evening Reporting Center, Johnson County Healthy Yards Expo, Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center, Johnson County Mental Health, Johnson County Montessori Preschool, Johnson County Women’s Connection, Lakeview Village, K&M Bar-B-Q, Kansas Association of School Librarians, District 1, Kansas City Public Library, Plaza Branch, Kansas City Zoo, KCUR 89.3, Kiddi Kollege Child Care, Kiddie Korner Quality Childcare, Kids at Heart, Inc., KinderCare Learning Centers, La Petite Academy, Lakeside Nature Center, Lawrence Free State High school, LDStorymakers, Leawood Baptist Church Weekday Education, Leawood Middle School, Legacy Christian Church Preschool, Lexington Trails Middle School, Little Building Blocks Daycare, Maker Faire Kansas City, Martindale Kindercare, Merriam Marketplace, Merriam Preschool Indoor Playground, Midwest Center for Holocaust Education, Inc., Mill Creek Activity Center, Mill Creek Middle School, Mill Valley High School, Mize Elementary School, Moonlight Elementary School, Morse Elementary School, Mount Holyoke College, Alumnae Association, Kansas City Club, Mt. Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church and School, Museum at Prairiefire, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, John and Hattie Possum Chapter, National Society of the Dames of the Court of Honor, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, New Birth Company, Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Leadership, Olathe East High School, Olathe North High School, Olathe Northwest High School, Olathe Public Schools Foundation, Prairie Learning Center, Olathe Quest Connections, Olathe School District, Old Mission United Methodist Church Early Education Center, Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Overland Park Place, Five Star Senior Living, P.E.O. International, Parents as Teachers, Pawnee Elementary School, Pets for Life, Inc., Pioneer Ridge Middle School, Planet Comicon Kansas City, Pleasant Ridge Middle School, Positive Aging Coalition, Prairie Star Middle School, Primrose School of Leawood, Primrose School of Overland Park, Ray Marsh Elementary, Raytown High School, Real Estate Mastery Group, Rhein Benninghoven Elementary School, Rosehill Elementary School, Rotary Club of DeSoto, Rotary Club of Gardner, Safehome KS, Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church Preschool, Santa Fe Trail Elementary School, SenCom: Senior Computer Users Group of Kansas City, Sharon Lane Health Services, Shawanoe Elementary School, Shawnee Church of the Nazarene Adventure Time Preschool, Shawnee Mission East High School, Shawnee Mission Health, Shawnee Mission North High School, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, Shawnee Mission School District, Parents as Teachers Play Center, Shawnee Mission School District, SMART Start Program, Shawnee Mission School District, Trailridge Middle School, Gay-Straight Alliance, Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church, Shawnee Mission West High School, Shawnee Town 1929, Shawnee Town Museum, Spring Hill United Methodist Community Preschool, Stanley Elementary School, Starside Elementary School, House of Children, StoneLion Puppet Theatre, Stratford Commons Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, Sunflower Apartments, Sunflower Elementary School, Sunset Ridge Elementary School, Tallgrass Creek Retirement Community, The Atriums in Overland Park, The Barstow School, The Forum at Overland Park, The Giving Grove, The Pembroke Hill School, The Welstone at Mission Crossing, The Writer’s Place, Trailridge Middle School, TriCentury Bank, Unicorn Theatre, Village Presbyterian Church, Page Turners Book Club, Vintage Park of Lenexa Assisted Living Community, Washington High School, Wee Workshop Childcare Center and Preschool, Wheatridge Middle School, Winnetonka High School, Wolf Creek Elementary School, Workforce Partnership, Wyandotte High School, YMCA of Greater Kansas City Summer Day Camp

2016 Friends Board Members

2016 Friends Board Members as of 12/31/2016

Marsha Daley, Dorothy Hughes (Vice President), Kate Kaltenbach (Treasurer), Kathy Kerr, Lindsay Lau, Kathy McGinley, Jim Minges (President), Lindsay Mohn (Secretary), Rebecca Phillips, Kristen Shipp, Julie Steiner, Diane Whittier

Friends Members

Richard & Rita Abernethy, Erwin & Phyllis Abrams, Barbara Adams, Charlene Adams, Gary and Mary Adams, Mark Adamson, Carolyn Addington, Neal Agnew, Sameera Ahmed, Mohammad Alam, Greg & Maggie Albers, Virgil and Dolores Albertini, Philip Alejos, Ann Alexander, Marilyn Allen, Jon Ament, Karen Anderson, Shirley K. Anderson, Chris & Lyn Anderson/Buckley, Rhoda Z. Anthony, Joshua Arnett, Nelda Arnold, Audrey Aronson-Myers, Nancy Newlin Ashton, Russell and Carolee Atha, Richard and Betty Athey, Richard Atlas, Kay Atteberry, Walter Aucott, J. R. Bailey, Mary Annelle Baker, Lorena Ball, Dorothy O. Ballard, Margaret Ballou, Jim & Ann Balquist, Drayton Barbare, Carol Barker, Laurel Barnes, Shirley Barr, Virginia Bartolac, Zoey & Steffany Barton, Phillip Bastow, Jack & Carolyn Baumgartner, Janet Bazdarich, Judie Becker, Carlton Beckstrom, Dee Bell, Sherrie Bell, Eleanor Bellos, James & Marsha Bennett, Toni Bennington, Emily D. Berkley, Chris Berryhill, Catherine Bettis, Crystal Bevell, Deborah (Deb) Beyer, Aparna Bhavani, Lyle and Sharon Bighley, Elaine Bilton, Alice Bird, Howard & Elizabeth Birky, Patricia Bittinger, Benjamin and Nicole Black, Grace Blake, Rosanne Blankenship, William R. & Anne Blessing, Thelma Blew, Mary Chris Blickhan, Terry Bloomer, Terri Blunt, Barbara Bodanske, Susan Bond, Donald & Lucinda Booz, Donald and Jackie Borge, Matt Bowman, Dorothy Boyer, Denise Brashley, Suzanne Brauer, Traci Breckbill, Ruth Brettle, Paige Breyfogle, Joan Brisimetnalus, Sue Broski, Shirley Browar, Gary & Lynne Brown, Peggy J. Brown, Phil & Barbara Brown, Robert & Joan Brown, Lynn Bruner and William Head, George Bruns, Harvey & Cathy Buckley, Stanley & Paula Burnstein, Duane T. Byerley, James Byler, David Bywaters, Peter & Joan Cabell, Lance Cahill, Ruth Campain, David Campbell, Fran Campbell, Terry and Suzi Campion, Andrew & Stacey Capps, Jorge Carballeira, Glenda Carden, Chris and Stacey Carey, Mona Carmack, Lou Ann Carpenter, William K. Carpenter, Marlee Carroll, Jill Casey, Betty R. Caton, Martha Childers, Richard M. & Donna S. Childs, Kristen Cillessen, Pat Circle, Nancy (Comp) Clark, Paula Clark, Kimberly Clay, Frank & Gwen Cockrell, Linda Cole, Marlene Colgan, Deborah Collins, Pat and Joe Collins, Susan Collins, Marcy Conley, Mary Conrad, Judy Conway, Carol Coombs, Pat Corbin, Maurice Cougher, Barbara Couldry, Darlene Covell, Ben Craig, Joy and Wendel Craighead, Alyssa Crawford, William Crawford, Jeanne Crevier, Julie Cross, Debbie Crough, Terry Crumbaugh, Jay & Kit Culver, Beverly Cunningham, Elaine Dale, James & Marsha Daley, Harry (Steven) Dalke, Mary C. Dalsing, Ivan and Andrea Damjanov, Kim Daniels, Linda Daugherty, Margaret Davis, John Dawkins, Kathleen Dayani, Jim and Anna Deberry, Leslie Debrabander, Mary DeBruin, Matt & Bonnie Delaney, David & Karin Dembinski, Darlys Dennert, Frances Dennison, Joanne Denton, Patrick & Donna Devine, Adrianne DeWeese, Sybil Diehl, Jodie Dietz, Sally Dodd, Diane and Don Donaldson, Rita Dooley, Rita (Comp) Dooley, Maria Dorer, Greg Doring, Nancy Douglas, Shari Dowdall, Catherine M. Downey, Marie Drummond, Marie Linotte Dubois, Deborah Duckwall, Katrina Dudek-Schubach, Thomas Dudley, Peter Duffey, Cindy Duke and Bill Cipra, Dave and Barb Dukes, Bob Dunehoo, Marguerite Durbin, Harold and Kay Durheim, Carolyn Eakins, Ann Marie Eckstein, Alice Edwards, Jane Edwards, Rita Einspahr, Carolyn Elder, Henry & Mary Elder, Marshall Ellis, Larry & Sandra Engelkemier, Heather England, Deloris & Larry Englehaupt, Corie English, Rick & Becky Epperson, Rodney Evans, Bernadine Farrow, Dave & June Farson, Joanne Faulkner, Phil and Joann Feehan, Doris Becker Field, Ellen Finnerty, Susan Fischer, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Mariam Fleming, Francie Flynn, John & Cassandra Ford, John and Ruby Foret, Susan Forster, Lee & Kitty Fowler, Pamela Fowler, Charles and Connie Fox, Joe R. Fox, Jean Frankel, Paula and Henry Frankel, Suzanne R Franklin, William Franklin, Janine Frechette, Peggy Miles and Phill Fry, Alisa Galvin, Donna Ganion, Ron & Colleen Gardner, Jane Garrison, Rebeca Gaspar-Nunez, Karen Gay, Marie Gazda, Julie Gbile, Anne Geisler, Lorraine Gerard, Marie Gerules, Elizabeth Gessley, George E. Gibbs, Angelina Gilbert, Dana Gillis, Moira Gillum, Val Gingerich, Mark Gingrich, Diane Glancy, Jason & Brooke Glasrud, Joyce Goad, Alan & Jackye Goldberg, John and Linda Gorman, Mark Graves, James and Janice Grebe, C. Philip & Mary Griffin, Max Grisnik, Anita Grow, Eugene Gruenenfelder, Julie Haas, Barry W. Haldiman, Janet Hall, Tess Halling, Julie Hamlin, Jennifer Haney, Zack & Susan Hangauer, David Hanks, Steve & Kristin Hansen, Kathy Harringa, Scott Harris, Jane Hart, Marguerite Hart, Michael & Patricia Hart, William (Bill) Hartel, Toby Hartong, Ammara Hashmi, Phil Haskett, Pat Hassan, James Hastings, B. Franklin & Virginia Hawk, Christie Hay, Paula Hayek, Marie E. Haynes, Karen Heath, Lewis A. Heaven, Debbie Hedenkamp, Beverly Hedquist, Sarah Hedrick, Marilyn Heley, Nicoya & Shawn Helm/Tolivar, Nicholas and Julie Heng, Pamela Henry, Barbara Herzog, Ralph and Mary Anne Hile, Sue Hirner, Michael & Kathryn Hockley, Lee and Diana Hockman, Nicholas D. Hockman, Jerry Hodges, Bruce Hoffman, Rod and Brenda Holcomb, Niki Hollembeak, Susan Hollinger, Gail W Hollister, Kelly Holthouse, Debra Hotujac, Sheila Houvener, Brendan Howard, Larry Howells, Loretta & Gerald Hower, Margaret Howieson, Becky Hubbell, Dudley Hudgins, Randy Hughes, Gary Humbarger, Mark Humphrey, Sharon Hunt, Nancy Hupp, Barbara Hurst, Marilee Hurst, Carol Huwe, Richard R. Huxtable, Margaret Indellicate, Pat Jacobs, Marion Jacques, Nan Jehle, Carolyn F. Jennett, Harvey Jetmore, Robert Jochem, James and Judith Johnson, Janice Johnson, Jon Christopher Johnson, Judith A. Johnson, Mary E. Johnson, Saundra Johnson, Carol Jones, Christine Jones, Linda Jones, Deborah Jordan, Jennifer Jordan, Patti Jurcyk, Don & Anita Kaiser, Sheetal Kakarala, Katherine Kaltenbach, Karen Kanakares, Leslie Karr, Linda Kautzi, George F. Kaywood, Joyce Lamar Keeler, Edith Keller, Mari Gail Keller, Marsha Kent, Kathleen Kerr, Deanna Ketner, Karen Kidd, Lynelle Killinger, Judy Kinateder, Rachelle King, Andrea and Dustin Kleekamp, James and Laura Knapp, Ronald and Judith Knight, Margareta Smith Knopik, Donna Knoupf, Paula Knudson, Paul & Suzanne Koontz, Paula Kornfeld, Maryann Korzeniewski, Kate Kotary, Elizabeth and Stan Kozakowski, Nancy M. Kraft, Paul & Lyla Krcina, Clara Krentzel, Mary Kroening, Brooke Kuhl, Bernie and Carol Kuse, Gabriella Kusko, Carla Kuzmich, Robin Lamer, James & Jennifer Lane, Dean and Barbara Larsen, Eric & Lindsay Lau, Russell & Donna Lauffer, Martha Lavin, Dennis and Carol Lawlor, Jim & Karin Leacox, Edward and Anne LeCluyse, Mary Ann Lee, Larry Leighton, Christopher Leitch, Ann Lento, Kenneth & Sandra Lerner, Dan Lewis, Kate and Fred Liebsle, Chris & Bonnie Limbird, Genny Link, Eugene & DeEdra Lipscomb, Jeffrey Lipsky, Vera Locke, Fred and Carol Logan, Patricia D. Logan, Lillian Long, Gil Lopez, Donald Loux, Patricia Loveall, Linda Loyd, Margaret Luchies, Bonnie Ludwig, Marjorie G. Lundy, Roberta Lyle, Mary M. Lynam, Shirley J. Lytle, Chelsea MacPherson, Diane Maddox, Dennis Maddux, Herminia Madrid, Sharon Maisch, John and Elaina Malone, Victoria Malone, Samuel & Martha Malsbary, Molly Mangelsdorf, Linda J. Mangino, Jeanie Manion, Gary Mann, Linda Manuel, Jim Marcum, Nancy Marcus, Angeline Marshall, Gloria Marshall, Ralph and Janet Martin, Rex & Donna Martin, Robert Martin, Erica Massman, Jennifer and Jeff Matascik, Jill Mateljan, Royceann & Andy Mather/Prosser, Janet Mathis, Bryon and Judy Matson, Julie Mauer, Jack Mayer, Janice McAnaw, Larry McBee, Calvin McBride, Ben McCall, Traci McClellan-Sorell, Mary E. McCoy, Joan B. McCusker, Glenda McDaniel, Mary Jane McEntire, Kathleen McGinley, Maureen McGinty, Phyllis McKinney, Jane McLaulghlin, Michael & Kathy McLellan, Matthew McLeroy, F. Terry McNamara, Richard and Linda McNulty, Shirley McNulty, James and Diana McPhail, Caroline McVay, Linda McVey, John Meek, J Byron and Nancy Meeks, Luverne Meier, Rebecca Meis, Diana Melvin, Robert & Freda Mendez Smith, Saif Merchant, Mary Mertz, Connie Messner, Barbara Meyer, Brenda Meyer, Stanley and Jappy Meyer, Gerald Middendorf, Deanna Mikkelson, Margaret Miley, Erin Miller, Jean Miller, John & Ellen Miller, Kriss Miller, Lyman Miller, Marilyn Miller, Olivia Miller, Pamela Miller, Tracy & John Miller, Rick & Denise Mills, Shabbir Mirza, William Mitchell, Carole Mocker, Erin Moeder, Andrew & Lindsay Mohn, John Moloski, Grant & Susan Mong, Janet & Hank Monsees, Allison Montgomery, Sandra Moore, Leroy and Jan Morevitska, Julie and Michael Morrand, Timothy Morrow, Mary Moulthrod, Pamela Murdock, Bruce and Shirley Musgrave, Audrey Myers, Anna Nadeau, Sueann Nauch, Haider Nawaz, John Neal, Andrew Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Paula and Fred Neuer, Jeff Newhook, Chris & Barbara Nichols, Laura Nigro, Mark Ninemire, Julie Nitcher, Brenda Nolte, Janet Nolte, William Noon, Beatrice Notley, Marianne & Robert Notley/McAnany, Rebecca Nowack, William J. & Ruth Nowack, Christine A. O’Brien, Kerry O’Brien, Donna B. O’Connor, Julie A. O’Connor, Steve & Angela O’Kane, Eugene and Jane O’Neil, Shelly O’Neill, Maureen O’Rourke, Greg Oetting, Jerri Ogden, Karen Oliver, Sam and Janice Olsen, Richard and Brenda Olson, Jane Omer, Jo Ouseley, James & Linda Overbay, Curtis Owen, Beverly Owens, Jennifer Owens, Jo Anne and Alpaslan Ozhan, Jan Pack, Nitin Pai, Jaime Pallas, Manuel and Lillian Gonzalez- Pardo, Justin Parr, Kathy Patrick, Joseph Patti, Barbara Paxon, Laura Pearen, Edith L and Richard Pentecost, Mike & Janice Perkins, Kathryn P. Peters, Kathy Peters, Brock Peterson, Kevin Phillips, Mary Phillips, Rebecca Phillips, David and Dianna Philpott, Robert Pitt, Carolyn Pitts, Paul and Billie Platt, Carol Pollock, Alton R. Pope, Jo Ann Portell, Kelly Porter, Nicole Porter, Rosalie M. Poss, Robert & Beverly Potty, Nicholas & Mary Ann Powell, Sharon Powell, Fred Praechter, Donna Pray, Pat Progar, Eric Pulver, Angela Rabin, Satyanarayan Ravada, Audrey Reeves, Joni Regier, David and Rebecca Reid, Brenda & Charles Reinecke, John Reinhart, Jeannette M. Remington, Patricia Rendina, Ann Renne, Molly Reusser, Dorothy Rezac, Nancy Riccardi, John C. Rich, Karen Richard, Jeanne Richardson, Janis Ricker, Marcia Rinehart, Lou Risley, William Rittgers, Sharon Roark, Aaron & Carrie Roberts, Sally P. Roberts, Polly Robertus, Kay Robeson, Susan Robinette, Cynthia Robinson, Warren & Betty Robinson, Jane Rockhold, Greg Rodenbeck, Lynn Rodewald, Tom and Julia Romanin, Joan Roney, Connie Root, Jeffrey D. & Rosina A. Root, Paul & Mary Roper, Albert and Ora Ross, David & Jane Ross, Roberta Ross, Michael Round, Ed and Lee Rowe, Debbi Roy, Maggie Rudzik, Erin Russell, Patricia Russell, Robert Ryan, Stevan & Gretchen Ryan, Susan F. Ryan, Pamela Rykken, Michael & Cynthia Sabatini, Karen Sadler, Christina Sadon, Brian Sager, Goldie & George Sakoulas, M.J. Sams, Marisol Sanchez, Emily Sanders, Nancy Sandoval, Michael & Brenda Schaadt/Edwards, Elaine Scherder, Courtney Schmitt, Arnold Schofield, Steven Schorr, Robert & Patricia Schroeder, Don and Phyllis Schultz, Norm & Lori Schutte, Ann Schwartz, Cassie Schwarz, Patrick Seagraves, Celeste Seay, Randell L. Sedlacek, Curt Seifert, Glenda Jo Self, Lynne Sell, Philip X. Senger, Robert Settich, Pat & Steve Shafer, Opal Shankel, Michael & Anne Sheehan, Herb and Cathy Shemwell, Diane Sherman, Brian and Anne Shields, Kristen Shipp, Don D. Shirley, Mary Shockley, Leigh Shoulta, Sherill Shreefer, Nalin Shroff, Karen Siebert, Wilson Siemens, Susan Sime, Jan Simon, Patricia Simpson, Jennifer Sindt, Christine Sise, Nicholas & Danielle Murray Sitzman, Lorie Sjostrom, Linda L. Skinner, David Skretta, Deneen & Ryan Slack, Jane and Larry Smith, Jeannine Smith, Joyce Smith, Robert R. & Freda Mendez Smith, Burton & Barbara Smoliar, Carol J. Snyder, Joe Sola, Marilyn Spatz, Melinda Speak, Wilson & Ailie Speer, Bob & Marilyn Spies, Paul and Carolyn Spohn, Valerie Sprout, Gerald Staab, Kathryn Staples, Carol Staszak, Helen Stechschulte, Andrew Steinbacher, Daniel & Lara Steinel, Julie Steiner, David & Mary Sternshein, David Stewart, Michele Stewart, Jane E Stock, Kenneth P. & Betsy Stolecki, Sandra Stoner, Sophie Straight, Marcia & Robert Streepy, SueAnn Strom, Elaine Strouse, Joyce Suellentrop, Gary and Linda Suter, Larry & Debbie Sutherland, Allen Sutterby, James and Agnes Swearingen, Mary and Mario Sylvestri, David Tanski, Doug Tapp, Virginia B. Taylor, Jackie TeBeest, Roger & Mitra Templin, Randi Thimesch, Kelsey & Deborah Thom, Rober Lambson & Ann Thomas, Scott and Alexandra Thompson, Winona Thornton, Dan and Kathy Tiemeier, Cheryl Tolbert, Barbara Tomassi, Brad & Michelle Tompkins/Serra, Evelyn Torkildson, Dale & Vickie Trott, Susan Tucker, Jennifer Tuhanowski, Amy and Tony Urich, Denise Urkevich, Georgia Van Dyke, Cathy Van Horn, Leigh Van Zon, Joe H. Vaughan, Cindy and Sheldon Vazquez, Nikki Vendegna, Frank and Carol Ventura, Jacqueline Vilkin, Dave Wagenblast, Robert & Sandra Wahoff, Merry Waldrip, Elizabeth K. Walker, Marie Walker, Sally Walker, Barbara (Carol) Wall, Thomas Wall, Patricia (Susan) Wantland, Kenton Ward, Frances Warden, Cortney Watterson, Nancy & Reynold Simpson Weatherholt, Calvin Webb, Wendy Webb, Cindy Weber, Robert and Hannah Jane Weber, Joy DeAnn Weekly, Carolyn McCown Weeks, Louise Weller, Samuel & Ruth Wellman, Beth & Barry Welsh/Haldiman, David Westphal, George and Christine Westwater, Will and Kristin Weyhrauch, David and Elizabeth White, Eric Whitfield, Diane Whittier, Matthew C. Wiesenberg, Pam Wiksten, Lynn C. Wild, Mike Wildman, Arlene Wiler, Wes Wiley, Graham Wilhauk, Janice M. Willard, Jeanne Williams, Ann Booth Wilson, Carolyn Wilson, Susan Wilson, Karin Marie Winn, June Winter, Yvonne Wisecraver, Charles Wittig, Cindy Wold, Michael Wood, Sheldon Wood Jr., Robert Woodbury, Derek Woods, Janet Woodward, Suzanne N. Woodward, Teresa Wunder, Maggie Yates, Paula W Yehle, Sharon Young, Richard Youngberg, Kevin Yowell, Dorothy Zarda, Sue Zimmerman, Myra L. Zirkle

2016 Foundation Board Members

2016 Foundation Board Members

Peter & Joan Cabell, Mona Carmack, Enid Dickson, Jeffrey & Cynthia Enright, Steve & Josie Foote, Steve & Kristin Hansen, Norge Jerome, Suzanne Koontz, Asher & Audrey Langworthy, Russell & Donna Lauffer, Fred & Carol Logan, Rich Maxwell, Marcia Rinehart, Dan & Sherri Robeson, Sandy Wahoff

2016 Foundation Honorary Board

Erwin Abrams, Betty R. Anderson, Anne Blessing, Lynne Brown, Sean Casserley (Secretary), Ava Christie, Lisa Fewins, Jason Glasrud (President-Elect), Zack Hangauer, Barbara Head, Mandi Hunter, Suzie Kiefer, Karen Loggia, Royceann Mather, Caroline McKnight, Freda Mendez Smith, Denise Mills (Treasurer), Angela O’Kane, Nitin Pai, Doris Royals, Michael Schaadt, Neil Shortlidge, Ann Walter (President), Kelly Ye, Bob Zender

2016 In Kind Donors

Alphagraphics, Aucion Photography, Boulevard Brewing Co., Bernstein-Rein, Chocolate Cork, Friends of the Johnson County Library, Grünauer, IKEA, J. Rieger & Co., Ruta Jamenis Design, Kansas City Bier Co., Magnolia's on the Move, New Day Yoga, New Theatre Restaurant, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Orangetheory Fitness Nall Hills, Red Crow Brewing Co., Rimann Liquors, Scheels, Sprouts Farmers Market, Sunlight Day Spa, Tallgrass Brewing Co., The Fresh Market, The Roasterie, Inc., Virtutecture, LLC, Voltaire Restaurant/Moxie Catering

In Memory of

  • Joe Adams by Connie Adams, Freyja Carlstedt
  • Rudy Belknap by Asset Services
  • Jane Broll by Sara & James Hammersley, Judy & Lee Larson, Patricia Shepard, Laura & Greg Swoyer
  • Hobart Z. Cammack by Susan Cammack
  • Laura Collins by Catherine & Sydney Collins
  • Clark Fisher by Helen Fisher, Kathleen & Al Kaine
  • William E. Franklin by Pat & Bob Brady, Betty & Warren Robinson
  • Douglas Gilmore by Suzanne Eleanor Allen, Sydney Backstrom, James Carnes, Farmers National Company, Phyllis & David L. Kerr, Helen & Fred Wooster
  • Patricia George by Debra & Christopher George
  • James Heley by Marilyn Heley
  • Eugene R. Kelsey by Bradley Kelsey
  • Richard G. Klee by Diplomats
  • Margretta E. Larson by Marne Close, Judy Henry, Marilyn McFarland
  • Reece Pollard by Audrey Pollard
  • Rebecca Trites by Bruce Henriksen
  • Anita Taylor by Gayle Mindes, Jonathan Mindes
  • Adeline Wieland by Becky Craker
  • Mary Williams by Paula Lawrence

In Honor of

  • Renee Franklin by Gene Ann & David Newcomer
  • Connor Lau by Lindsay & Eric Lau
  • Carol & Fred Logan by Christine & William Becicka
  • Barbara Sonnen Moser by Carol & Dennis Lawlor
  • Angel Tucker by Gene Ann & David
  • Ann Walter by Victoria & Kip Lynch
  • Caroline Smith by Lindsay & Eric Lau

2016 Donors

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Black & Veatch Foundation

Ash Grove Charitable Foundation, Carol & Fred Logan

AMC Charitable Fund, Bank of Blue Valley and the Regnier Family Foundation, J.E. Dunn Construction Company

Ascend Learning Charitable Giving Card Fund, Scott and Sarah Glasrud Family Foundation, R.A. Long Foundation, Royals Charities, Inc.

Baker & Taylor, G. Kenneth Baum & Ann Baum Philanthropic Fund, Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Performance Dashboard, Stinson Leonard Street LLP, UMB Bank

Anonymous, Joan and Bert Berkley Blue Heron Foundation, Charles and Virginia Clark Fund, Kirk Foundation, Mary Elizabeth Martin Scholarship Trust, US Bank N.A., Trustee

Baehr Foundation, Anne & Bill Blessing, The Clark Enersen Partners, Creative Planning, Inc. , Fred DeSieghardt, Josephine Foote, Garmin International, Inc. , Nancy & Mark Gilman, Susan & Zack Hangauer, Henderson Engineers, Inc. , Hendrick Cadillac Kansas City, Kansas Gas Service, Paula Lawrence, Logan Logan & Watson, L.C. , Lowenstein Family SF - C Reserve Fund of the JCC of GKC, McCownGordon Construction, LLC, Midwest Tape, Denise & Rick Mills, PGAV Architects, Pomona Friends of the Library, Susanne Shutz, Ann & Bryce Walter, The Weitz Co.

Sarah & Jon Baum, Barbara & René Bollier, Lynne & Gary Brown, Kay & John Callison, Kathryn & Perry Culver Jr. , Hunter Law Group, P.A. , Johnson County Bar Association, Johnson County Government, Suzie Kiefer & Dan Brust, Suzanne & Paul Koontz, Carol & Dennis Lawlor, Leaderfuelnow, Pam & Scott Logan, Royceann Mather & Andy Prosser, Christine & Ford Maurer, Maureen McGinty, Ann & Jim McGraw, Caroline & Rob McKnight, Janice & Sam Olsen, Overland Park Rotary Foundation, Nitin Pai, Deloras Pemberton, Audrey Pollard, Prosser Wilbert Construction, Inc. , Fern & John Rosenberg, Shawnee Mission Health, Patricia Suellentrop, Titan Built, LLC, Troutt, Beeman & Co., P.C. , West Star Development, Patty Zender

Phyllis & Erwin Abrams, Betty R. Anderson, Lyn Buckley & Chris Anderson, Emily Berkley, Julie & Steve Brewer, Margarea Briggs, Susie & Sean Casserley, City of Leawood, Consolidated Communications, Brenda Edwards & Mike Schaadt, First Hand Foundation, Ruby & John Foret, Henry Fortunato, Mary & Robert Fry, Dolores Furtado, Patricia Gallagher, Brooke & Jason Glasrud, Hall Family Foundation, Kristin & Steve Hansen, Tyler Harms, Joan & David Hax, Barbara Head, Nancy Hupp, Ann & Lynn Kindred, Ellen & John Miller, Norma & Don Moeller

Susan & Grant Mong, Angie & John Nelson, Beverly & Robert Potty, Jane & David Ross, Doris & Robin Royals, Randell Sedlacek, Lisa & Craig Serig, Renée & Neil Shortlidge, Kathy & Patrick Townsend, Ken Werne, Mike Zakoura

Gail & Phil Acuff, Connie Adams, Ernest Adelman, Suzanne Allen, Heather & Erik Anderson, Dara Angell, ARRIS Group Inc. , Sydney Backstrom, Mary Annelle Baker, Richard Barrows, Christine & William Becicka, Marsha & James Bennett, Rachel Berbiglia & Geoff Allison, Maureen & William Berkley, Brad Korris Painting, Angie Brickson, JC & Robert Burcham, Joan & Peter Cabell, Susan Cammack, Bridgette Casey & Marc Shaffer, Donna & Richard Childs, Mark Cleveland, Michaela & Andrew Comstock, Carol & John Cowden, Marsha & James Daley, Mary C. Dalsing, Lainie & Jim Decker, Elizabeth & Greg Deitch, Karin & David Dembinski, Enid & Jim Dickson, DST Systems, Inc. , Janet & Daniel Dubrava, Betty Lu & Jim Duncan, Janice & Ed Eilert, Cynthia & Jeffrey Enright, Rebecca Ervin, Lisa & Jon Fewins, Brandi & Greg Fisher, Helen Fisher, Mary & Stanley Frear, Debra & Christopher George, Jill & Carl Gerlach, Frances & George Gerritz, Carrie & Christopher Ginn, B. William & Cheryl Ginsberg Charitable Fund-Jewish Community Foundation of KC, Judy & Harold Godwin, Amy Goldstein & Barry Dicker, Rakesh Goyal, Ann & Larry Graham, Christi Haines, Kim & Nate Harbur, Marilyn Heley, Lauren & Carl Helmstetter, Shirley & Barnett Helzberg, Sally & Donald Henderson, Judy Henry, Kathleen & Michael Hess, Laura Rollins Hockaday, Gretchen & Quintin Holy, Saul Honigberg & Sally Milgram, Norge Jerome, Kelsey & Harrison Jones, Ann & John Kenney III, Phyllis & David Kerr, Adrienne Kilbride, Kathi & Doug Knop, Nancy M. Kraft, Jacqueline Landahl & Jon Jackson , Audrey & Asher Langworthy, Lindsay & Eric Lau, Donna & Russ Lauffer, Library Journals LLC, Bonnie & Chris Limbird, Karen Loggia & David Spizman, Theresa & Dale Love, Helen & Graham Marcott, Reggie Marselus, Karen & Paul Marx, Lynn & Rich Maxwell, Kathleen McCarther, Marilyn McFarland, Merrill Companies, Margaret & Terry Mullett, Rebekah Nanney, Nicki & Scott Neufeld, Gary Nevius, Gene Ann & David Newcomer IV, Barbara & Chris Nichols, Patricia O’Connor, Patricia O’Hagan, Hayley & Betsy O’Hara-Cacioppo, Angela & Steve O’Kane, Jane & Charles Olsen, Manuel and Lillian Gonzalez-Pardo, Janice & Mike Perkins, Jan & Lyle Pishny, Elaine Pittman, Wanda & Joseph F. Porter III, Mary Ann & Nick Powell, Jeanne & JR Riley, Marcia Rinehart, Sherri & Dan Robeson, Pam & Mike Robinson, Betty & Warren Robinson, Cheryl & Lewis Roht, Robin Rowland, Amy & John Ruo, Paula Schwach, Susan Seidler, Michelle Sierra & Brad Tompkins, Jill & Leonard Singer, Georgia & Michael Sizemore, Honorable Kathleen Sloan, Nanc & Morgan Smith, Robert & Freda Mendez Smith, Marilyn Spatz, Veronica & Michael Spidell, Danielle Stebbins, Lara & Daniel Steinel, Barbara & Arthur Stern, Esther Sunderland, Super Family Foundation, Mitra & Roger Templin, Vickie & Dale Trott, Janet & Richard Vandyke, Sandra & Robert Wahoff, Nancy & Joe Waters, Carol & Robert Watson, Anita & Stephen T. Wertz, Robert Wimhurst, Helen & Fred Wooster, Candy & Mike Yakimo