Meet the Presenter: Virginia Brackett

What do we talk about when we talk about writing? Ideas distilled into function and form? As readers, we mostly see final drafts, but rarely do writers show our mess, our chaos, our empty pages. Virginia Brackett is unafraid of the messy writing process and she will be at the Writers Conference to share her insights with fellow writers on facing what so many of us think of as a daunting process.

Near and dear to Virginia’s heart is honoring veterans. Her own father was killed in action while serving in the Korean War, and his legacy inspired her 2019 memoir, In The Company of Patriots. She also serves on the Kansas City Veterans Writing Team.

It was her work with veterans that reignited her passion for writing. Despite loving to write when she was young, Virginia pursued degrees in Business Administration and Medical Technology before finding her voice again after working with veterans.

After reigniting her passion for the writing, Virginia earned a PhD in English. She has published 17 books as well as numerous essays and journal contributions. She has won several awards for her writing. Virginia is a Professor Emeritus of English from Park University where she directed the Honors Academy, the Ethnic Voices Poetry Series, and Poetry at Park. She retired in 2016.

While Virginia has an esteemed resume, it’s her literary citizenship that is the true mark of her importance in community writing. She is involved in helping people of all ages and experience levels practice and share their work. We can’t wait for you to meet her at the 2022 Writers Conference!

Virginia will be presenting on “Writing as a Process.” She will also be in conversation with author Anne-Marie Oomen, and will sit on a panel on the topic of revision.

If you’d like to know more about Virginia and her work, you can keep up with her on her website or Facebook.

-- written by Jesseca Bear, adult services information specialist