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Man with short hair

The Reluctant I Writing Contest

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Rated by Helen H.
Jul 12, 2024

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Cody Shrum has won our writing contest on the theme The Reluctant I with his poem "Catfishing the Elk City Reservoir, ft. Bugs."

Staff Review
cover image includes a painting of a small island surrounded by sea and sky

The Summer Book

By Töve Jansson
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Rated by Alice Pi
Jul 11, 2024

The Summer Book by Töve Jansson is on its way to our shelves. This is a new-to-us old novel: a Scandinavian classic about a grandmother and her six-year-old granddaughter summering on a tiny island in the Finnish Archipelago, a cluster of more than 40,000 islands in the Baltic Sea.