Teri Quinn

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015
Tagged As: folk, banjo

Teri Quinn is one of Kansas City's most versatile musicians. A powerful solo performer and banjoist in her own right, Quinn also plays clarinet and guitar with Claire and the Crowded Stage in addition to regularly performing alongside many other Kansas City musicians. We last featured Quinn in March and caught up with her again in anticipation of her upcoming performance at the Antioch Library on Saturday, November 14 at 11AM as part of Johnson County Library's Listen local performance series. It's a pleasure to welcome back Teri Quinn.


What have you been up to since we last featured you in March?

I have been a busy bee since March! I was accepted to be a babe in a Banjo Babes Calendar! I recorded a tune and did a photoshoot that was used in a compilation with other babes who play banjo. ;) You can find more information on how to get your paws on one of these calendars by going to my Facebook page.  

I have begun work on an EP that is set to be released next spring! I am creating and recording with my dear pal and producer Chase Horseman. 

What music inspires you these days?

I have been obsessed with Lord Huron. I don't know how to describe their sound. Its got hints of an old 50's feel that's clouded in grey mist. Both of their albums are stunning and ethereal.  

Banjo In Bed Session-A Million Lies

What’s your biggest lesson learned from 2015? What are you looking forward to in 2016?

The biggest lesson I have learned in 2015 is to keep going and follow through. I have learned to be relentless. Sometimes I have no idea what I am doing with my life or with my art. I break down about it at least every other day. But I have learned that I have to do something everyday that will continue to propel me in a direction; even if I don't know which way the compass is pointing. Sitting still is dangerous. I haven't watched Netflix in months. There is no time and I have no desire. 

I am looking forward to my first EP release! Keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter to find out when it will be! I am also looking forward to the possibility of touring. My dreams are coming together and I believe 2016 will be an incredible year. I have been working so hard through 2015 that I am finally starting to see my goals coming to fruition on the horizon. 

Banjo In Bed Session- Fear And Time

Reviewed by Bryan V.
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