Friday, Jan. 12, 2018
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OLIVIA FOX is a Kansas City-based trio whose sound encompasses everything from folk, country and pop, sometimes all at the same time. Consisting of KC natives Lauren Flynn, Tiffany Smith and Aubrey Callahan, OLIVIA FOX's trademark excellent harmonies are on full display on their 2017 self-titled debut EP. We're excited to share an interview with the band along with their movie recommendations.


Introduce yourselves. Who does what?
Lauren Flynn- Vocals, Songwriting, Guitar, Mandolin
Tiffany Smith- Vocals, Violin, Guitar
Aubrey Callahan- Vocals, Keys, Guitar

Talk about the origins of Olivia Fox. Who or what inspired the name?
OLIVIA FOX is a persona we came up with that represents every woman. She embodies the warrior in all of us.

OLIVIA FOX - Wood Panels & Wine (Official Music Video)

What was it like recording your debut EP, Play the Game? What did you learn that you'll take to future recording projects?
Recording our debut EP was as much challenging as it was exciting. There was a lot of anticipation going into it due to the fact that we have all worked on separate projects and this was the first time for us working together. We also weren't exactly sure what our sound was going to be and it came together through the process. Now that we have the first EP under our belt we will be able to go into it knowing how we function as a group. We have learned what everyone’s strengths are and now know how to use them efficiently. Our manager DJ was also a key part in the recording process. His creative insight, experience, and attention to detail was invaluable.

OLIVIA FOX- Play The Game

How does songwriting work in Olivia Fox? Who brings what to the table?
The songs for this first EP were written by Lauren. Tiffany writes all her violin parts and our producer Tyler comes up with the beats. We all collaborated on the overall sound. Moving forward we will be working on the writing process together.

What inspires you about original music in Kansas City?
There are so many cool venues to see live music in Kansas City like Knuckleheads, RecordBar and The Midland to name a few. The community of musicians is very supportive of local artists including the local radio stations. 90.9 The Bridge and 96.5 The Buzz have both played our music. They love to support local bands and have programs dedicated to showcasing them.

One Degree

OLIVIA FOX's movie recommendations from the Johnson County Library catalog: 

This is Spinal Tap: Every musician needs to watch this movie. It’s a comedy that is filmed in a “mockumentary” style that takes you on the road with an outrageous rock band. It’s witty, charming, and hilarious. 


The Phantom of the Opera: It’s a tragic but beautiful love story and the music has so much emotion and feeling behind it. 


La La Land: The music is incredibly well done and literally won’t leave your head once you hear it. The sarcastic chemistry between the two main characters is unlike your typical every day love story. 


The Sound of Music: This is just a classic for music lovers and Julie Andrews is a saint. 


Michael Jackson’s This is It: Watching a true master at his craft is amazing and we were lucky to have seen it in our lifetime. There is no denying his ridiculous talent and being able to go behind the scenes and see his process is a gift. 


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