Dom Chronicles

Thursday, May. 24, 2018
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Dom Chronicles is one of Kansas City's foremost rappers. Continuing his steady stream of creative music over the last several years, Chronicles's most recent self-produced singles -- last year's "Spirit Guide" and "Inner Peace" -- address, in his words, "concerns that I have with the world and the balance of trying to change the world with it being so negative." In this interview, Chronicles, who is gearing up for the release of his latest album Adventure Mode, shares his thoughts about his latest projects as well as his book recommendations.


Please introduce yourself. Describe your music for new listeners.

My name is Dom Chronicles, and I'm a hip hop artist, producer, and DJ from Kansas City. I describe my music as vibrational shift music (I just made that up). I just want people to listen and take something from it that will raise their frequency. I keep it pretty positive.

Dom Chronicles - Spirit Guide

Talk about your latest single, “Spirit Guide.” What inspired this song? What did you learn from recording it that you’ll take to future projects?

"Spirit Guide" was the first single that I put out that I produced myself that I was proud of. I was going through a lot of personal things over the past couple years, plenty of ups and downs. The song is really just about taking the good and the bad and making the most of it and not caring about what people think as far as social/financial status and going all the way in. The first half of the song is the confidence, the second half, the switch, is the concerns that I have with the world and the balance of trying to change the world with it being so negative. Transforming negative energy into positive energy is easier than most think though.

Dom Chronicles ~ Inner Peace

What has been your greatest creative challenge with the new music? How did you work through that challenge?

The learning curve and really just being comfortable about putting out my own production. I'm a perfectionist to a fault. Learning how to just let things be that sound good and not overthink it. I just chill out and not try to force things.

What else are you working on for 2018?

I just dropped a new song called "Inner Peace" so go check that out, also produced by myself. I'm just on a wave of putting out music that I've produced. Working on a project called "Adventure Mode" and also producing projects a couple artist in the area and abroad so be on the look-out! 

What inspires you about hip-hop and rap in KC?

The fact that nobody sounds the same and that everyone consistently puts out music even though our city gets overlooked is major to me. Everyone gets better every year. Keeps me on my toes.  

DOM CHRONICLES - Before I Started Rappin'

Dom Chronicles' recommendations from the Johnson County Library catalog:

1. THE WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR by Dan Millman. I read this book a few years ago and randomly picked it up and began reading it again. It just made me think about life differently. Great, easy read for anyone just trying to expand their mind.


2. 48 LAWS OF POWER by Robert Greene. Always a good reference book for how to hold your composure. I don't necessarily agree with everything in this book but it is a good reference for operating in the business world and getting what you really want out of life.


3. THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Cuehlo. This book literally changed my life. Made me realize that anything is really possible and that what you are looking for could be right under your nose.


4. THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS by Deepak Chopra. Easy but fascinating read. Finished it in a day. Helped me a lot in my everyday life.



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