The Creepy Jingles

Monday, Apr. 27, 2020
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The Creepy Jingles is the garage rock band of your dreams. With song titles like "Prodigal Sun Tsu", " Circadian Rhythm Guitar" and "Metagene Jacket", the band's sense of humor and melody are contagious. Led by Jocelyn Olivia Nixon, the band's recent album is filled with back-to-back classics. We are excited to share an interview with Nixon about the band's creative process and what she's reading and listening to these days, among other topics. Enjoy.


Introduce yourself and the band. Describe your music for new listeners. 

Hi readers! My name is Jocelyn Olivia Nixon. I’m the lead singer and songwriter for The Creepy Jingles. I also play rhythm guitar and keys in group. Nick Robertson plays drums and percussion. Travis McKenzie is our lead guitarist. Ingrid Ingram rounds out the band as our bass player. I’d describe our sound as an eclectic blend of Garage Rock, Brit Pop, Psych, Surf, and Punk. 


The Creepy Jingles - Circadian Rhythm Guitar (Official Music Video)

Please describe your situation as an artist and band leader during this time. How are you coping when live music has been shut down? 

Luckily we only had to cancel a few shows. We have had to push back our recording sessions to finish our new album, which is disappointing but also gives us more time to hone the existing songs and to write some new ones. Personally it’s just given me the perspective to appreciate what I have and to try and be present and productive while enjoying each moment. The silver lining throughout all this is it’s given us all time to slow down and assess what’s really important in life and challenge ourselves to look deeper at things we might’ve been ignoring because we were too busy to pay attention to errant shadow thoughts gnawing away at the back of our sub conscious.


The Creepy Jingles at the Replay

The Creepy Jingles EP was released almost a year ago now. What did you learn from putting those songs together that you’ll take to future projects? 

It being the first one we all did together taught us who we are as a team. It gave us a baseline on how we best approach each of our roles utilizing each individual’s strengths within the group building the songs in terms of production and arrangement in rehearsal and in the studio. 

How does songwriting work with The Creepy Jingles? Who brings what to the table? 

I write and demo the songs alone in my own time typically and then send them to the band or bring it to rehearsal and we all kind of chat about arrangement. Each member of the band is then typically trusted to write their own part. Often times though it starts with myself writing the song and working with Nick to figure out the best back beat to present Ingrid and Travis something to paint on. 

What music or books have you been turning to inspire and/or comfort?




Birds of America by Lorrie Moore


The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien 


Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell


Watchmen by Alan Moore




It's Such a Beautiful Day


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


I Don’t Feel At Home Anymore 




The New Abnormal by The Strokes


Tender Buttons by Broadcast


Melophobia by Cage The Elephant 


Reviewed by Bryan V.
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