The B Sharps

Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017
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With a sound that infuses country, blues and rock and roll, The B Sharps abide by their motto, "We ain't no fancy pants band." While the group originally met over the internet as strangers looking to connect through music, on their debut EP, "No Fancy Pants" they sound like they've played together for ages.  It's a pleasure to share an interview with The B Sharps on Listen Local.


Please introduce yourselves. Describe your music for new listeners.

Greetings to Johnson County Library patrons and everyone on the World Wide Web! We are Eva, Bill, Greg, and Nick - otherwise known as The B Sharps. We are an original band out of Kansas City which blends the genres of country, blues, folk, and pop into one uniquely distinctive sound. 

How did the B Sharps originate? 

The B Sharps began as a three piece in Greg's basement. We were just three random people who met on the internet and wanted to make original music. Later we decided we wanted to add a lead guitarist to enhance our sound, so we brought in Nick who has been a wonderful addition ever since. 

How does songwriting work with the B Sharps? Who brings what to the table?

The B Sharps are probably most distinctive in our song writing and instrumentation. We all compose music and play multiple instruments, so we tend to rotate around depending on who is the best fit for each song. If you watch us live you'll see lots of moving around of instruments, vocalists, and so on -- it's never boring for sure! Usually whoever has a new song will just bring it into practice and we will adapt as necessary. The three songs you'll find here each were written by a different band member and feature a different vocalist. Sometimes we add harmonica, or mandolin -- and hopefully soon we will be bringing banjo into the mix! 

What current projects are you working on?

We recently released a 5 song EP titled "No Fancy Pants", which you can purchase right now on CD baby for only 5 bucks. (

What most inspires you about original music in Kansas City?

Part of what makes Kansas City so wonderful is that it is so diverse and creative! No matter what kind of artist you are, there is a home for you in Kansas City. Our rich jazz and blues scene is really unmatched, and in many ways has set the stage for what we are able to do now. It is always inspiring to encounter new music in our city, and we are very excited to be able to share what we are doing with all of you!


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Reviewed by Bryan V.
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