Reserve a Room Guidelines

Most Johnson County Library meeting, conference, and study rooms are now available for reservations. Please check individual rooms for availability.


Meeting Rooms

  • Free and available for use by government agencies and nonprofit groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, recreational, or charitable activities
  • All meetings must be open to the public and no fees may be charged
  • No same day bookings
  • Reservations should be made at least 48 hours and can be made up to three months in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Meeting Room reservations will be honored up to 15 minutes past the reservation start time

Study Rooms and Conference Rooms

  • Reservation: study rooms may be reserved up to 2 hours per day maximum per person or group. Conference rooms may be reserved up to 4 hours per day maximum per person or group.  Both study and conference rooms can be made up to 3 months in advance on a first-come first-served basis. Same day reservations are not permitted, and study rooms may be used on a walk-in basis when not reserved. Reservations will be honored up to 15 minutes past the reservation start time. The library reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event of building malfunction or emergency. 
  • Capacity: The maximum capacity of each study room is reflected both on our webpage and in the room itself. Capacity limits must be adhered to while utilizing the room.
  • Hours of Use: Study rooms are available during regular library hours. All use must end at least 5 minutes before the library closes. 
  • Food and Drink: Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the study rooms. 
  • Noise Level: When having conversations, using electronic devices, making phone calls, or watching videos in library study rooms, please keep noise levels to a reasonable level to avoid disrupting the library experience of others.
  • Equipment: Amenities in study and conference rooms vary. Please visit the library’s website to determine if the room fits your needs. The library may provide tables, chairs, media screens, projecting technology, and electrical outlets in study and conference rooms. Library users are responsible for providing any additional equipment needed for their use of the space. All lights must be left on while utilizing the space for safety and security reasons, and nothing may be attached to the walls. Doors must remain unobstructed, and windows uncovered. Furniture may not be moved in or out of study rooms during use. If specific, reasonable accommodations are needed, please speak to library staff. 
  • Conduct: Individual library users and groups using the study rooms must comply with all library policies and regulations. The library reserves the right to terminate any use of the room that is disruptive or violates library policy or guidelines.
  • Cleanliness: Please leave the study rooms neat and tidy for the next groups. Dispose of any trash and return any furniture to its original position. Packages, backpacks, luggage, or any other personal items cannot be left in study rooms unattended. The library is not responsible for personal property left unattended while utilizing library spaces. Patrons are encouraged to always keep all personal belongings with them. Unattended items are subject to removal without notice.
  • Liability: Vandalism, theft, and destruction of library property are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate revocation of library privileges and possible legal action. 
  • Sleeping: Sleeping (not including incidental napping) in the study rooms is prohibited for safety and security reasons. 

Return to Reserve a Room to view room availability and book a date and time for you or your group.