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Volunteers like you help your Library with 60,000 hours each year. How can you help?

  • Processing Book Donations
    • Book & Media Sorting Volunteer
    • Children’s Book Sorting Volunteer
    • Children’s Book Sorting Volunteer Assistant
    • Box Building Volunteer
  • Shelving Books
    • Book Distribution Volunteer
    • Circulation/Shelving Volunteer
    • Monticello Library Volunteer 
  • Supporting Sales of Used Books
    • Online Sales Research Volunteer
    • Online Sales Inventory Volunteer
    • Online Sales Listing Volunteer
    • Online Sales Shipping Volunteer
    • Bookstore Unpacking Volunteer
    • Bookstore Stocking Volunteer
    • Bookstore Cashier
    • Bookstore Cashier—Substitute
    • Used Book Sale Sign In Desk Volunteer
    • Used Book Sale Door Ambassador/Greeter
    • Used Book Sale Section Supervisor
    • Used Book Sale Merchandiser
    • Used Book Sale Cashier
    • Used Book Sale Counter/ Dolly Runner Crew
    • Used Book Sale Box Builder
    • Used Book Sale Non-Profit Clerk
    • Used Book Sale Packer/Unpacker
  • Assisting with Library Programs
    • Civic Engagement Events Volunteer
    • English Language Learning Volunteer
    • Maker’s Space Volunteer
    • Reference Librarian Volunteer
    • Summer Teen Volunteer
    • Tech Thursday Volunteer
    • Young Adult Advisory Council Volunteer
    • Youth Services Materials Cleaning Volunteer
  • Helping in Library Offices
    • Creative Services Volunteer
    • Data Entry Volunteer
    • Genealogy Research Volunteer
    • Library Foundation Volunteer
    • VS Team Volunteer

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For full descriptions of each position, please contact Volunteer Coordinator.

*Please note: we do get a lot of applications. That does not mean we do not need you; we do! Please understand that we may not be able to review your application for 30 days.