Read It!

Recurso para la investigación / Research Resource

Read It!

Read It! is a database designed to support learners who are developing English language proficiency and need adapted reading material for many subjects. English Language Learner (ELL) articles provide information on the topic and a short comprehension quiz with the answers.

La base de datos Read It! ofrece artículos y textos de no ficción adaptados para estudiantes de inglés. Cubre una variedad de temas e incluye pruebas breves de comprensión. Este recurso está solamente en inglés.

This database includes:

  • Nonfiction articles and reference texts about a variety of topics.
  • Vocabulary and reading practice quizzes.
  • Illustrations, diagrams and maps.
  • Audio to listen to articles aloud.
  • Translation of articles by an automated program.
  • Research guides and tips on note-taking, academic writing and more.

Read It! was jointly developed by EBSCO and Course Crafters, internationally-known as specialists in developing ELL products, and ELL specialists across the country identified content, features and functionality desired in an online research resource.

This resource is made available through the State Library of Kansas.

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