Political Extremism and Radicalism Archive

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Political Extremism and Radicalism Archive

A Gale Primary Sources archive featuring collections focused on groups in the 20th century deemed ‘extreme’ or ‘radical’ by contemporaries, with a variety of viewpoints from the far-right to the far-left on political, social, cultural, sexual and economic issues. This includes fringe political movements of the time, such as anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-war, communist or socialist, creationist, environmentalist, hate, holocaust denial, new left, survivalist, white supremacist and white nationalist.

Materials are largely from the U.S. and Britain with additional global movements demonstrating national and international impact. Contents include:

  • periodicals
  • campaign propaganda
  • government records
  • oral histories (audio and transcripts)
  • ephemera (stickers, leaflets, pamphlets)

Search for specific terms, browse publications and collections, or use the Topic Finder to discover related information in the archive.

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