Tom Styrkowicz

Saturday, June 13 to Sunday, August 9, 2015

In the artist’s words:

My “day job” is capturing people’s personalities in portraits for corporations, fundraising events and personal photos. But when I’m traveling I’m always on the lookout for the oddities that man creates to express himself. I have several “collections” going all the time. I capture neon signs, old ’50s motels, odd buildings, interestingly written signs, and these . . . giants.

Many of these images date back to the 1980s. The “Presto Whip” whipped cream cans were demolished around 1983. Preservation is not my main motive here, but it certainly is a plus that these outrageously grand statements are preserved. Instead, I relish the grand dreams of the individuals who want their message to stand out from all the clutter that is our modern world. Whether it’s a small scale message like the cherry-shaped booth at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI, each July, or the giant-sized Lifesavers packages (with a Lifesaver bursting out of its package) displayed along the side of the offices and factory building, I challenge anyone not to smile when they see these grand statements interrupting our daily lives.

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