Rowdy Rounders from Starlight Quilters Guild

Saturday, September 12 to Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rowdy Rounders is a group comprised of six members of Starlight Quilters Guild. They enjoy what are called “Round Robin” quilts. At the beginning of each year they choose a theme for a new Round Robin project. Each member makes a center – or central theme – block. The next month the block is passed on to another member of the group. That person adds a “row” to the block. On a typical Round Robin quilt, each person adds a row on all four sides. The Rowdy Rounders, however, do not always follow that rule. They are allowed to add whatever they want, wherever they want, as long as they adhere to the central block theme. The quilts are passed on each month until every member has added a row. The quilts are kept secret from the originator of the central block until the last gathering for the year, at which time they celebrate with the Big Reveal.

Starlight Quilters Guild meets at 7 p.m. at Countryside Christian Church, 6100 Nall in Merriam, KS, on the 4th Tuesday of the month, January through October. The November meeting is held on 3rd Tuesday if the 4th Tuesday occurs during the week of Thanksgiving. For more information, visit

Located at the Library entrance

Donna Holloway/Dreamtime (60”w x 53”h)

Inspired by fabric depicting Aboriginal art that represents tribal dreams, Donna asked each member to create a panel that describes her personal dream. Donna’s original panel is a vertical column of blocks that includes abstract musical symbols to depict her dream of being part of a professional symphonic orchestra. Each member added a vertical panel to either side of the previous panel(s).

Located in the Computer area

Janette Sheldon/The Rowdy Rounders (63”w x 36”h)

Janette created the art for this “portrait” of the Rowdy Rounders. Members were assigned to appliqué a specific panel. This included the background and sofa, dressing the character, adding accessories, and determining what item that member would be holding.

Located on the Adult Fiction wall

Donna di Natale/Flights of Fancy (60” square)

Butterflies visiting her flower garden inspired the 3-D folded corners in Donna’s central block. This was a typical Round Robin project, in which each member added a row around the previous square.

Located in the Children’s area

Kim Cawthon/Stars & Stripes (45” square)

Kim, a veteran of the U.S. Army, chose a pieced star as the focus of her project. Other members continued this theme using lots of colors and various fabrics to enhance her center block.