Matt Hawkins

Sunday, August 25 to Saturday, December 21, 2019

Introduce yourself and describe your work.

My name is Matt Hawkins. I’m a paper toy making, toy designing, illustrating, banjo picking, incessant doodler working away in an attic in Overland Park.I weave humor and energy into bold, whimsical art for humorous and often surprising results. My work has been shown in art galleries and exhibitions from LA to Amsterdam to Tokyo.

What media do you prefer and how did you come to use it as your primary one?

Paper is my primary media, but I love all matters of hand craft. I love using paper because it’s humble, versatile and abundant. These works are actually part of a digital drawing series I’ve been working on. I always enjoy dabbling in new media.

Do you have a favorite piece?

My favorite piece is always the next one I’m working on. I’m always excited for the next challenge— that’s what drives my art. Making art for me isn’t about making the perfect piece I love, but the journey of discovery.

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

My favorite tool is definitely my X-acto knife. I’ve had the same handle for 30 years!

Who are other artists you look to for inspiration? And what about their works do you like?

My favorite artists growing up were newspaper cartoonist. Some of my favorites are Milt Gross, Walt Kelly, George Herriman and Floyd Gottfredson. Lately I’ve really been inspired by Wayne White and Jim Henson. I love the humor, boldness and sense of play their work has

Please list 5-10 books, movies and/or music that currently inspire you.

I love biographies of creative people. I’ve recently read Krazy, a biography of George Herriman and The Life and Times of Ward Kimball. Musically, my favorites are John Hartford and Danny Barnes. Movies, I love watching documentaries about artist and musicians. My favorite movie since I was a kid is The Muppet Movie.