Lisa Healey

Wednesday, May 1 to Friday, June 28, 2019

Nature and our environment are all around us yet we often look right past them rather than right at them.  I love hiking in a National Parks or on the trails of the suburbs or the streets of a city. My eye sees literally our natural environment but also our man built environment, the forms created by man can also be enthralling. Exploring our natural and man built surroundings is a spiritual feeling for me. I come to see how small I may be to the universe and its creator yet how integral we each are to the whole of our world. This exhibit displays my photography of the world around us. You will view up close enough to see the hairs on a moth or rust on a drain pipe and pull out to see the curves of a large tree or the geometry of a city scape. But I’ll go even further and show you abstractions that while they come from our environment, you may have to be a detective to decipher what they are.

Enjoy this exhibition through June 28.