Laedan Galicia

Monday, May 2 to Sunday, August 21, 2022

Laedan Galicia, aka DINKC, built his artist style through the influence of his dual cultures and his practice of intricately detailed line work and bold illustrations. His work can be seen on interior and street murals and in galleries. Galicia’s artwork is on display at the Lenexa City Center branch until August 21, 2022. 



Introduce yourself and describe your work. 

My name is Laedan Galicia, artistically known as DINKC. (Which is an acronym for Death Is Not Knowing Certainty). I am an illustrative designer born and raised in Kansas City. I started my Brand (DINKC STUDIOS) in 2012 while attending the Kansas City Art Institute. I graduated in 2013 with my bachelor's degree in illustration, moved to New York in 2014 and got to experience a whole new art scene and culture! Then I moved to Denver in 2017. I was able to expand my work into new galleries, mural fests, started my clothing brand and started curating shows. I loved learning from each scene and having the support of the community. It helped me experience new opportunities and grow within the art world. My work has expanded into canvas, murals, galleries, toys, merchandise, clothing and events. All consistent within my brand which Is rooted in old school cartoons, Graffiti/street art and my Mexican Culture (more specifically Dia de los Muertos). 



What or who inspired you to do street art? When and where did you first get up? 

I grew up inspired by all the amazing graffiti and street art around my area. My best friend Omar and his brothers were part of a crew who taught me a lot about the culture. Then my brother always gave me Graffiti and lowrider magazines to draw inspiration from. I loved the boldness, vibrancy, textures, skill and characters. I would always practice some spray can work at home on my driveway wall and a few spots around the neighborhood before hitting up West bottoms and eventually the crossroads arts district. My mural/can work expanded in New York a lot as I met old school writers and learned more about the culture. Then expanded to larger work in Denver with way bigger walls, which challenged me to freestyle and adjust my compositions. 



Is there a central theme that ties your work together? 

Yes, I'd have to say my skull character. He is a character born out of the traditions of Day of the Dead sugar skulls. Sugar skulls were hand-made, then put into molds for reproduction. They all come out looking the same, then each is decorated for every family member who has passed. I took this method and decided to create a cartoon skull character that has the same template head shape, body, hands, etc., but each customized to create various characters. Like, Dinkcy Mouse (homage to Mickey Mouse), a paletero (Mexican ice cream man) Tagger holding a spray can or paint roller, Vaquero with a sombrero and lasso, and so many more! I'm creating a DINKC universe of characters and various elements that interact with each other creating a cohesive brand/style/and aesthetic. I want people to see my work and instantly say, "THAT'S DINKC! "

Skull painted in a graphic style using bold color and line.


What is your dream project? 

I have a few things on my bucket list like creating a big mural in multiple cities downtown. Making a vinyl toy of my character. Working with an animation studio to create a cartoon series. Owning a building where I could create my very own studio/gallery space. Gallery show/murals in Mexico, Europe and Asia. Multi-city solo show tour. Working with big name artists I look up to. My clothing line going mainstream and having a whole production/operating studio to run it. And so many other things! 



What is your most important artistic tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio? 

I'd have to say I always need a pencil, sharpies, sketchbook, cellphone, Nerds candy, chips, pizza, music and a little bit of good tequila blanco.  



What books, movies and/or music have inspired you recently? 

I have a variety of art books and my favorite childhood books in my studio I always reference for inspiration. I watch movies almost 3 days out of the week, I love great cinematography, I use it as inspiration for compositions. Music, I listen to all kinds all the time but, my top favorites are Cumbia, Hip hop, Reggaeton, RnB, doowop oldies, Trios/boleros and my crewmate FK Menace