Jennifer Walker

Wednesday, September 1 to Friday, December 31, 2021

Sculptor and Kansas City Art Institute alumna Jennifer Walker has experience with a variety of materials and techniques, showcasing her skill through architectural restoration, new construction and commission work for the Kansas City Art Institute. Her sculptures can also be seen at the the Kansas City Zoo. With a focus on resin sculpture, Jennifer creates pieces inspired by nature.


Tell us about the works on exhibit. What’s the medium? What has inspired their creation?

I am showcasing 6 sculptures, 4 paintings and an installation in the glass display case. I work as a multidisciplinary artist, focusing mainly on sculpture.  My sculptures are a combination of cast polyester resin and hardwoods. My paintings are acrylic on Belgian linen. The inspiration come from observations of our natural world, with the sky being my most favorite subject matter.

Resin sculpture with deep blue on top half and bright oranges on bottom.

What’s the most challenging thing about your creative process?

The most challenging thing about my creative process is probably the extensive shaping, sanding and polishing process I go through to make my cast resin sculptures appear glasslike.


What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

I would have to say my most important artistic tool is my imagination and my undying fascination with our skies and what can exist beyond them. Is there something I can't live without in my studio?  Well yes, I have to have electrical power —  I run a lot of power tools and air tools.


What is your dream project?

I have several dream projects in mind. I will tell you one; I would love to create a larger scale cast resin illuminated wall relief for a facility dedicated to healing.  I believe my sculptures lend themselves to meditation and wellbeing.


Please list 5-10 books, movies and/or music that currently inspire you.

I am currently reading a couple books: The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery and Successful Aging by Daniel J Levitin. 

I really enjoy any Art History books and documentaries created by Ken Burns and Sir David Attenborough.

Music and a little talk radio are always playing in my studio: Jazz, Blues, Folk, Contemporary and World Music.