Jack Campbell

Monday, January 3 to Saturday, April 30, 2022

Campbell is a 21-year-old visual artist from Lawrence, Kansas. He has been painting and developing his style from a young age, taking inspiration from renowned painters such as Monet, Van Gogh and Haring. Using his emotional connection to colors and imagery from his imagination, Jack has formed his own style with an impressionist’s blend of color, classical painting and graffiti. Campbell's artwork is on display at the Antioch Library until April 21, 2022.


Your pieces have a street art style. Does graffiti art influence your work?

Yes! As a kid I was not given many opportunities to see art in galleries. This led me to look around me for inspiration. The color and care in every stroke of someone's hand when tagging is important. I want to bring that spontaneous importance to the world of galleries as well as the people's eyes who haven't grown to understand the art of graffiti as I have.

Painting of multicolor shape in foreground with abstract images in background.

What is your dream project?

This is a challenging question. I would have to say my dream project is every project I work on. When painting, the piece remains on my mind until I am finished. I love painting and getting the opportunity to create everyday. This is my dream. Being able to have a large space and just wrap the room in canvas and paint until it's finished is honestly the end goal.


What is your most important artistic tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

My most important tool is my brushes. I have a couple that I have had and loved for many years. Some of these brushes have lost the ability to be used, but I still keep them because they have been an important part of my process.


What books, movies and/or music have inspired you recently?

I am huge into manga. One Piece is my favorite show/book series I have seen. I just recently caught up in the show. The plot of OP helps motivate me to keep pushing my dreams and making them my reality. 

In terms of music, my rotation is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Sticky Fingers, Omar Apollo and The Beatles.