Donna B. Klamm

Tuesday, May 16 to Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Donna B. Klamm is a painter. To understand Klamm's practice more, we asked her to tell us a little about herself. Here is her reply:

I am a Kansas native, (near Osawatomie, KS), and I started drawing with pencil and crayons on brown paper sacks, from childhood, while listening to the Lone Ranger on the radio. There were no Art courses in school.  Later I began painting backdrop scenery for Junior/Senior Proms. 

I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1954 to enroll in St. Lukes’ Nurses Training program.  However, in the 50’s students could not be married, so I quit to marry a Korean soldier in 1955.  After he graduated Engineering College, we moved to Wichita where he was employed by The Boeing Co.  The next 25 years, we worked for Boeing and were honored to work for the Apollo Saturn S-IC Program, to put a man on the moon. Retiring in 1991, we moved back to the Lake of the Ozarks where we had honeymooned.

Since my husband’s passing, I have been a resident of Camdenton, Missouri and a member of the Ozark Brush & Palette Club of Camdenton. I recently moved back to Kansas City in 2016. I held many offices for the Ozark Brush & Palette Club, including President (for 3 years.) As a member, I have shown in the 1st National Bank of Camdenton Gallery for many years and chaired their yearly Dogwood Festival Art Show.

In past years, I have shown at the Winston Churchill Memorial Gallery of Fulton, Missouri, the Rosier Gallery in Jefferson City, and the Versailles, Mo. Diamond Annex Theater.

 Currently I am a member of the Baldwin, Kansas Lumber Yard Artists group and recently Secretary of the New Life Christian Church Ladies Bible Study Group of Gardner, KS.

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