Alexandra Ames

Tuesday, September 4 to Friday, December 21, 2018

Alexandra Ames describes herself as an artistic “jack of all trades.” Her art draws upon elements of art nouveau, science fiction/fantasy art, music and the natural world. Much of her work offers vibrant depictions of various animals in their natural states. While she is a gifted painter, sculptor, graphic designer, animator, and a creator of video game art and assets, her real passion is for writing and illustrating.


Introduce yourself and describe your work and the media/genre you work in.

My name is Alexandra Ames. I have been creating, writing and drawing for my entire life. I am a writer, illustrator, sculptor, animator and graphic designer. I write fantasy children's stories and Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. The majority of my paintings and illustrations are acrylic on canvas or India ink and gouache on paper. I create sculptures out of Super Sculpey and other mediums. I am always trying to learn new or more efficient ways to create things.



Talk about the work that will be on view. What would you like people to know about it?

The work that is on view is all acrylic on canvas. They are all stylized animal or nature paintings. This collection is a compilation of a lot of experimentation, frustration, deep thoughts, intuition and fun.



What’s the most challenging thing about your creative process?

The most challenging thing about my creative process is knowing when I'm finished and not pushing things so far that I ruin it.


Who are the other artists you look to for inspiration? And what about their work do you like?

I find inspiration everywhere with other artists in all mediums and genres, but the artist that I have been inspired by my whole life are Alphonse Mucha and Frank Frazetta.


Alexandra's book and music recommendations:



Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

The Firebird by Mercedes Lackey


Two Steps from Hell