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Featured Artist Friday: CryounitCryounit

Cryounit is the brainchild of Kolton Holbrook, whose deep love of science fiction and astrophysics have been parlayed into an enigmatic musical project. Holbrook is a self-taught musician and composer, and his music is a logical extension of his studies into Fermi's Paradox (more on that below). After two EPs, Cryounit's first full album, Paradox, is a must for any fan of industrial and downtempo electronic music. We're excited share our interview with Holbrook about hsi work and influences.


What is Cryounit? Describe the music for new listeners.

Conceptually a cryounit, or cryo-tank is a sort of transportation device. Although instead of transporting someone in space, it transports its occupant forward in time. That’s what I try to accomplish with my music. Sonically, Cryounit combines a lot of industrial and downtempo influences with a healthy dose of the 90s and 00s electronic music I grew up with.

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