Welcome to Johnson County Library

Join us this fall and BEAR WITNESS to the events and issues of the past and present, and to postulate those in the future. This is an event series that will get you talking, listening, pondering. 

With plots and characters ripped straight form the headlines, please join us in conversation this Fall with Coretta Scott King honor winner Greg Neri!

Bandmates meeting on Craigslist, inventing instruments and raising thousands of dollars through song. Who are these people? Why, they're just a few of the first 100 talented musicians featured in our Listen Local blog!

Bonjour, hola, herhaba, hej, hello! Rosetta Stone Library Solution introduces you to 30 different languages, so swing by our website to get your polyglot on »

Of course the Library is the place to be to celebrate stories, and we're bringing your family history front and center to the storytelling stage.

Second Saturday
Sept. 10