Scrapyard Jungle

By: Alexandra Miller

The twisted metal trees

Rise up from the heap

Magpies hop about

The glittering savannah

And crows harass the mice

Nesting in the chewed

Leather seat

Of a Volkswagen

A scruffy dog

Stalks the crows

His paws padding softly across

A refrigerator door

Cockroaches scurry about,

Any mildew in their path

Is Vanished.

They are the army ants

That march across the forest floor.

The crows are the howler monkeys,

Squawking loudly.

The flies are mosquitoes,

Buzzing about, annoying.

And magpies are vultures,

Looking for anything.

Landlines dangle from a crane

Like bananas from a tree

A bus rusts away,

Yellow to red

The motorcycle gleams,

A new addition

And scavengers walk about

Looking for anything of value,

They will leave defeated,

This jungle is dead.