Remember Summer?

By: Anonymous

He’s got you stuck in his teeth.
Remember, summer?
          Well, tell me:
Why’d you leave him and I alone in the blue tiled bathroom?
Remember, summer?
The one with the blood stained floors that we sat on for hours.
          Well, tell me:
Why’d you trap us outside the screen door?
Remember, summer?
‘Cause our eyes mirrored the clouds and our feet weren’t touching the ground.
I hated you then, summer.
But, tell me why you locked us in a car that rainy evening/
His and I’s hair so wet that it dripped all over the leather seat as he twisted mine around his
Again, tell me, summer:
Why’d you shut down the lights at that party that he and I snuck into?
Remember, baby?
The one with hundreds of silhouettes dressed in whiskey.
          Remember when you shoved us in that empty room?
          Remember when he and I kissed for the very first time.
          Remember that, baby?
Were you afraid to let me go?
‘Cause months turned into days and then hours. You held onto my shirt like it was your God.
Just tell me why summer ain’t honey anymore.
Tell me why it’s been stripped to a lemon.
Tell me why he’s got summer stuck in his teeth and we ain’t got a toothpick to get it out.